As hold of American Idol, Live v Kelly and also Ryan, and the like, Ryan Seacrest is a seriously liven guy. With so much going top top in his skilled life, fans have actually likely wondered how/if he has time because that a significant other. And if so, that is Ryan date now? Let's take a closer look.

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Ryan date the model and also wellness influencer on and also off for 7 years before they broke up for an excellent in summer 2020.

Ryan and Shayna an initial met in ~ a influential restaurant in Los Angeles in 2013. Charmingly enough, the star felt also shy to strategy Shayna without any pretense. Instead, the asked among their common acquaintances to topic her come a quick quiz about her date life and relationship status before eventually make his way to the table just to pull the hairband off she wrist. 


As Shayna told Entertainment News in a previous interview, the gesture came to be a vital motif because that their relationship — so much so that they would regularly reminisce around their adorable first encounter. 

"I guess he really wanted to talk to me and one the his girlfriend he to be sitting with occurred to understand someone in my team so castle were texting to see if ns came v anyone in the group, since he to be trying to figure out if i was v a guy," Shayna explained. 

"His friend come over and also basically sit me in an interview chair and also start asking me every these inquiries to it is in funny and also he come over and also took my hairband off my wrist together an intro point, favor eighth grade," she added. 

Things appeared to be looking up because that the stars in the past few months — i m sorry is why fans were every the more shocked to uncover out they had actually parted methods for good. 

"#RYAN #SEACREST & #GF #SHAYNA #TAYLOR #SPLIT!!!" tweeted a fan. 

RyanSeacrest i heard girlfriend & Shayna were victims that the quarantine.i hope you get back together for this reason quarantine doesn't destroy an additional relationship at the same time hug Georgia 4 every one of us," created somebody else. 


Ryan and Shayna broke up because that the an initial time in late 2014, only to reunite in 2017. They split up once more in February 2019. They began dating again in august 2019, having spent a couple of days together in Positano, a town located close to the Amalfi coastline in Italy. 

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They commemorated their 3rd anniversary on may 1, 2020. Although the stars very first met in 2013, they spent a significantly much shorter time together over the years because of their on-again/off-again relationship. As Ryan joked throughout a Live through Kelly and Ryan episode, castle devised an entire system to respect the most vital moments of their relationship. 

”I simply want to say, happy third anniversary to Shayna <...> the is our 3rd time together. So we've gained together, broken up, obtained together, broken up. This is number three of being together. Therefore we're celebrating together well," Ryan said. 

"It’s one eight-year run, but it’s our third run together. So we celebrate every trial," the added.