Every pan of The Cosby Show had a favorite member of the Huxtable family members whose hijinks really amused them. For numerous fans, the was the youngest that Cliff and Claire"s 5 children, Rudy, play by Keshia knight Pulliam. Viewers really connected with her, and also she attracted some severe laughs. She additionally grew up before our an extremely eyes, playing the character from the time she was 5 until she to be 13.

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It"s been virtually 30 years due to the fact that The Cosby Show filmed its critical scenes. Plenty of of the show"s stars are living life external of the spotlight nowadays. While Keshia absolutely values she privacy, she hasn"t completely disappeared. In fact, she"s maintained a pretty active acting career through a few exciting brand-new projects in the pipeline, according to IMDb. Still, some world can"t aid but check out her as small Rudy Huxtable, passionately lip-syncing to beam Charles ~ above the sitcom home"s steps.

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When The Cosby Show ended, Keshia and also her family members moved come Virginia. She lived there and also attended the Potomac school in McLean, Virginia, adhered to by the Foxcroft institution in Middleburg, Virginia. She i graduated in 1997 and went turn off to Spelman College. At Spelman, Keshia join the Eta Kappa thing of Delta Sigma Theta sorority. She i graduated in 2001 v a sociology degree.

Keshia went back to acting after ~ college. She began out in a variety of TV movies before appearing in 2009"s Madea Goes come Jail. In the complying with years, Keshia focused on work in television. She also gave reality TV a go. Keshia winner Weakest Link: boy Star Edition in 2001, adhered to by Celebrity fear Factor in September 2002.

Her key gig was on Tyler Perry"s home of Payne as Miranda, the second wife of Calvin Payne. She excelled in the role. The earned her the 2009, 2010, and also 2012 NAACP photo Awards for impressive Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

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In February, House of Payne fans gained the interesting news the the show would it is in returning. That will duty as a saturday season the the show, following five years after where the series left off. Variety announced that all of the original cast members would reprise their roles. This vacation season, Keshia also has a new TV movie come share. She stars in Lifetime"s The Christmas Aunt.

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Keshia is likewise winning in her exclusive life. After a daunting divorce from ex Ed Hartwell, she"s come the end the other side stronger. She"s cautiously went back to dating. Recently, she opened up about her partnership with gibbs Brad James. They met on the collection of one more Lifetime project, Pride & Prejudice: Atlanta. "I think that"s the best, as soon as you have the right to just genuinely acquire to know civilization without every the pretense, without all the pomp and circumstance. Just get to know and also love the core and the love of the human you"re dating. And also that"s really exactly how it happened," she said Madame Noire.

Another significant plus? He gets along an excellent with her three-year-old daughter, Ella elegant Hartwell. "They love and also adore each other. If the wasn"t the situation then us wouldn"t be together due to the fact that that"s certainly a priority. Any mom or any single mom will say that moving forward, it"s a parcel deal," she said. "It"s no just about me anymore. I have a small one that is my world and my everything and comes first."