Blurring the lines! Robin Thicke candidly opened up around going to therapy with his fiancée, April Love Geary, and his ex-wife, Paula Patton, in a new interview.

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“Therapy is not for everybody all the time, but it definitely opens barriers for us, also just to go as soon as or twice,” the “Sex Therapy” singer, 43, claimed in Us Weekly’s to exclude, sneak emergence of the Wednesday, February 17, illustration of the “Black girl Texting” podcast on PodcastOne’s LadyGang Network. “If she struggling in her relationship, one visit, one conversation v a third party can readjust things.”


Robin Thicke and also April Love Geary; Paula Patton. Broadimage/Shutterstock; MediaPunch/Shutterstock

He continued, “Couples therapy has actually been great for me and also April, and it’s been good for me and also Paula in coparenting. We’ve had actually a couple of sessions and also it’s really aided for us, so i am a complete believer in therapy.”

Thicke recognized it is “totally understandable” that some people may not “want to execute every week” or “put the on her schedule,” but he personally thinks there are times as soon as it i do not care necessary.

“When you hit a wall surface and you recognize you’ve struggle a wall surface and you standing still, a good way to knock that wall surface down is to have a 3rd party or an additional person assist you,” he explained.

The Grammy nominee and Patton, 45, met in 1991 and also married in 2005. After welcoming kid Julian, currently 10, in 2010, lock separated in 2014.

“Their marital relationship was unraveling because that a long time,” a resource told Us in ~ the time.

Patton filed because that divorce from Thicke later on that year and subsequently accused him of domestic abuse, infidelity and also drug use. He refuse the allegations and also quested why she raised them “in the midst of a custody dispute.”

The former couple finalized your divorce in 2015, the exact same year that the Masked Singer judge and Geary, 26, go public v their relationship. He and the version got involved in 2018 after welcome daughter Mia, currently 2. They walk on to have actually two an ext children together: daughter Lola, 23 months, and son Luca, 2 months.

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Thicke newly opened up around how the COVID-19 pandemic has actually helped him slow-moving down and spend an ext time v his family.

“I love performing. I’d love to be on a tour,” the told USA Today ~ above Friday, February 12. “But being at home and being a dad, that’s wherein I’m most comfortable. Best now, i pretty lot run a daycare center in my home so I’ve had actually plenty come do. The kids inspire me and also bring me joy.”

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