Robert Redford is one actor, director and also activist who has been married 3 times.

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August 18, 2021 Robert, who had a good influence ~ above American cinema, turn 85.

Robert Redford and his 3rd wife Sibylle SzagersCredit: Getty

Who is Robert Redford’s wife Sibylle Szagers?

Robert married Laura van Wagenen, who dropped the end of college to tie a knot through an actor at his grandmother’s house in 1958.

Laura came to be a historian and environmental activist, yet divorced in 1985.

Robert married his 2nd wife, a longtime partner, polite Zagars, in Hamburg in July 2009.According come the pair first met in 1996 your Tango..


Robert Redford and also his mam Sibylle Szagers posing top top the red carpetCredit: Getty

She is a painter born and raised in Hamburg, Germany.

Her work has actually been showed in Europe, Monaco, Peru, Singapore, Japan, Suriname, and also throughout the united States.

“Her artistry includes sketches the oil paintings drawn, photographs the her trip to Morocco, canvas representations from her visit to Indiamp Pueblo in the united States, Santa Fe, brand-new Mexico, California, and abroad.” Szaggar’s website writes. ..

“Her desire is to produce art the transcends language, language, society and politics. She speaks art to a deeper universal consciousness that is relevant and also dependent top top the Earth and its environment. I will develop it. “

In 2015, Szaggars Redford to be the way of the Rain, Inc., a non-profit organization specialized to the development, production and performance the educational and also artistic performances to support the defense of the planet. To be established.

She likewise worked with worldwide composers to put together live power art combined for the benefit of eco-friendly charities.

How many children does Robert Redford have?

Robert and also Laura had 4 children-two boys and also two girls.

Their first Scott Anthony experienced from sudden Infant fatality Syndrome and died in 1959, simply two and a fifty percent months after ~ birth.

Shaunajan was invited on November 15, 1960, before David James was born on might 5, 1962.

But James passed away on October 17, 2020, after ~ a lengthy fight versus liver cancer.

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Robert and also Laura’s youngest Amy Hart to be born October 22, 1970 and also is one actress, director and also producer favor her father.