The 35-year-old has dubbed time ~ above a glittering job that experienced him success silverware in 4 countries and reach a world Cup last with Netherlands

The 35-year-old left Bayern Munich this summer ~ his contract expired and also had been connected with a return to previous clubs Groningen and also PSV as well as a move to MLS.

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But the former winger has actually instead dubbed time top top a glittering job that observed him winleague titles in Netherlands, England, Spain and also Germany and also reach a people Cup final.

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"I have actually been reasoning a lot end the past couple of weeks," he stated in a push release."As anyone knows, ns took the time to make an educated decision around my future after ~ my critical Bayern Munich match. And I determined to placed an end to my career together a expert football player.

"It is without doubt the hardest decision i have had to do in mine career. A decision where heartand psychic collided.

"The love because that the game and the conviction that you have the right to still take care of the whole world, as opposed come the reality that not everything runs the means you want and you space no longer the 16-year-old boywho had actually no idea what an injury meant.

"At the moment I am fit and also healthy and as a pan of many other sports I would like to store it that method for the future. Ns will as such stop definitively, yet it is great that way."

Robben rose through the Groningen youth system to do his debut in ~ the period of 16 and was called the club"s player the the year in his maiden season v the very first team.

After a 2nd impressive project with the northern club, PSV lured him to Eindhoven, whereby he invested two seasons and won one Eredivisie titlebefore Chelsea bought that in 2004 for around €18 million (£12m).

Playing under Jose Mourinho at Stamford Bridge, Robben won the Premier League and also League Cup twice and lifted the FA Cup.

A move to genuine Madrid followed in 2007, partnering Robben with other Netherlands stars Ruud valve Nistelrooy and Wesley Sneijder. If they winner La Liga in his an initial season, Robben departed after ~ his second season in ~ the Santiago Bernabeu, heading come Bayern.

In his 10 years through the Bavarian giants, Robben make 309 appearances and scored 144 purposes as he assisted them come eight Bundesliga titles, 5 DFB-Pokals, the champions League and also a UEFA super Cup.

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He stood for the Dutch national team 96 times and scored 36 glossesweb.coms before his retirement in October 2017. He to be a pivotal component of the Oranje next that got to the civilization Cup final in 2010 and was ever-present in your journey to third place 4 years later in Brazil.