From his early days as an ‘80s heartthrob come his years together a beloved consistent on TV reflects such as The West Wing and Parks and Recreation, Rob Lowe has actually long remained in the celebrity spotlight. His enduring career has weathered many storms, including a infamous sex scandal, a fight with addiction, and also even a high-profile extortion lawsuit. Yet much less is known around the superstar’s wife, Sheryl Berkoff, who’s been by the actor’s next for an ext than 30 years. Here’s an inside look in ~ the woman who helps store the previous Brat Packer in line.

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Who Is Sheryl Berkoff?

Born in Los Angeles, California, on June 21, 1961, Sheryl Berkoff is a successful fashion and also jewelry designer. She studied fashion style at the Fashion academy of design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, climate went ~ above to come to be an in-demand Hollywood assembly artist working on films such together Frankie and also Johnny, Glengarry glenn Ross, and also The Vanishing. Today, she owns and also operates her very own business, Sheryl Lowe Jewelry, which provides exquisitely handcrafted bracelets, necklaces, rings, and also more.

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How Rob and also Sheryl Met

Lowe and also Berkoff’s love story had actually a bit of a rocky start. The pair very first met every the way back in 1983, when they were set up ~ above a blind date. There to be no early stage love connection at the time, so the 2 went their different ways. 7 years later, they to be reacquainted top top the set of a movie dubbed Bad Influence (Berkoff go Lowe’s assembly on the film). This time sparks flew and the duo started dating seriously. The pair got married in 1991 and have to be together ever before since.

How They save A successful Marriage

For all your Insta-perfect household pictures, Lowe and also Berkoff recognize that the takes work-related to store a three-decade-long marriage alive. In 2019, plunder Lowe told AOL: "The one thing, though, that has been a component of our household is the notion of treatment as a kind of proactive, non-shaming , like a trainer. We think of going to therapy or talking to a therapist ... It"s literally no different from a chiropractor."

"Half of united state don"t know exactly how to communicate, and also it"s only acquiring worse through texting and all of that. Communication is a substantial thing, and also we still battle with it," that continued. "Sheryl and also I still have somebody we would view if we ever before felt like we require it. We carry out it less and also less, but there have been times where we"ve been seeing someone, and also I look forward to it! <...> I always come out of it emotion even more reconnected, however I think that human being look in ~ it together a authorize of trouble."

In addition to providing his wife credit for taming his wild side and helping that get and stay sober, Lowe claims Berkoff to be truly the appropriate woman because that him. "People always ask, "Do girlfriend have any kind of advice around marriage?" and I"m reminded of once they inquiry Alfred Hitchcock about making a struggle movie. That said, "It"s all about the casting," and that"s the exact same with marriage."

Lowe emphasized that a successful marital relationship really comes under to that your partner is. "I always say come people, "If there"s any method to marry your best friend, perform it,"" Lowe said. ""Cause the rest of that comes and goes, and I was an extremely lucky there."

Lowe has also devoted many Instagram posts to Berkoff and has mutual a ton the sweet sentiments about their long-lasting relationship. He commonly refers come his wife as his “love bug” and also “partner in crime,” and also earlier this year ~ above her birthday he wrote: "Happy birthday to mine amazing, gorgeous companion in crime. Friend get far better every year. Love you, Love Bug. Xo"

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