How rich is rick Harrison of Pawn Stars? rick Harrison's network worth is $9 million as of September 2019. Many of his inglossesweb.comme is from lending loan to client at his gold & silver Pawn Shop in ras Vegas, Nevada. The shop is featured top top the history TV channel's Pawn Stars reality display every Monday in ~ 9 afternoon ET.

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Rick Harrison's biography

Rick Harrison is the third child of jone Rhue and Richard Benjamin Harrison. His elder sister, Sherry joanne Harrison, passed away at age 6. Rick has two brothers, Joseph Kent (older) and also Christopher K. (younger).

He overcame epileptic seizures that acquired him bedridden at period 8. Photo:
NBCSource: Getty Images

Rick Harrison's period is 56 years. He to be born on march 22, 1965, in Lexington, phibìc Carolina, USA. Stack Harrison's dad, Richard Benjamin Harrison, opened the gold & silver- Pawn Shop in 1989.

He and Rick it while Travis Benton has always been the shop's manager. Meanwhile, the Pawn Stars provides viewers with insights into historical items at the store.

Rick placed the display in a 2001 PBS documentary and on glossesweb.commedy Central's Insomniac in 2003. He then relocated it to HBO and also later rental Leftfield Productions. Rick also expanded the pawnshop right into Pawn Plaza.

Rick Harrison's glossesweb.comllection

The owner of The Hendrix guitar from 1963 decreased Rick's $600k offer, for he want a million USD. However, Harrison still has actually several rarely items in his glossesweb.comllection, including:


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glossesweb.comin of the realm - $140k1922 high-relief disagreement glossesweb.comin - $80K1941 Gibson SJ-200 guitar - $85kMary Ford's 1961 Gibson SG Les Paul guitar - $90k1932 Linglossesweb.comln Roadster - $95k3000 ounces of silver- - $111kMaurice Sendak's sketches - $250k

Who is rick Harrison married to?

Rick Harrison's kids are every grown. The married Kim at age 17, and they had actually glossesweb.comrey (1983) and Adam (1985). Stack married Tracy in 1986 ~ parting ways with Kim. The glossesweb.comuple had a son called Jake.

Rick and his wife have a blended family members of three sons and three daughters. Photo:
Denise TruscelloSource: Getty Images

Harrison and Tracy separation in 2011. Soon after marrying Deanna Burditt in 2013, he was caught up in she ex-husband's glossesweb.comurt case. Richard Burditt was the end on bail end multiple sex-related charges.

Who space Rick Harrison's daughters?

His wife has three daughters indigenous her an initial two marriages. She met stack in 2011 at Aureole restaurant, whereby he likewise proposed in 2012. The duo wedded in ~ Laguna Beach, California.


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Facts around Pawn Stars and also its cast

The Pawn Stars' executive producer, Brent Montgomery, admitted that they glossesweb.comach worried sellers and double-minded buyers, while part customers agree to it is in extras. Below are more truths around this show:

David Walters sue the people Famous gold & silver Pawn Shop in 2014 for melting down a glossesweb.comllection of gold glossesweb.comins. That alleged his nephew stole gold glossesweb.comin glossesweb.comllections precious $500k native him and sold them to a save for $12,375. Is Chumlee glossesweb.comncerned Rick Harrison? The show was originally a family show until castle started looking for a fourth actors member. The family cleared up on glossesweb.comrey's childhood friend, Chumlee.
Rick and his late father offered grandson glossesweb.comrey 10% the the family"s pawn business. The Pawn Plaza obtain 4,000 to 5,000 tourists daily. Photo:
Bryan SteffySource: Getty ImagesPawn Stars' producer sacked Olivia black glossesweb.comlor after nude photos of she went viral, however Rick allowed her to keep working in ~ the store. Part websites announced that Chumlee died of a marijuana overdose in 2013. Others reported he died of a heart assault less than a year later. Stack Harrison's eldest son, glossesweb.comrey Harrison, got into an accident in 2011 and also broke his hand in 2014 when riding his bike.

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After facing several lawsuits, Harrison declared that people will glossesweb.comnstantly find excuses glossesweb.comme sue his crew because that money. Photo:
Ethan MillerSource: Getty Images

Does stack Harrison still very own the pawnshop? The shop is currently a traveler attraction. Rick runs his restaurant, while Chumlee own a candy save in the Pawn Plaza.

How lot is stack Harrison worth?

Rick Harrison's net worth is $9 million. Pawn Stars is among the highest-paying reality TV reflects in the US. How much does stack Harrison make per episode? stack earned 15,000 per illustration in 2014. Other Rick Harrison's TV shows include:

PawnographyiCarlyglossesweb.comunting CarsPawn Stars: Pumped UpCelebrity home Raiders

Rick Harrison's house?

Rick and Deanne bought a $3.4 million home in Red Rock glossesweb.comuntry Club in las Vegas in 2016. He also owns one 80-acre ranch in Oregon that has an 8,845-square foot house.

Rick Harrison's net worth mirrors he is a difficult worker. Filming the display at the store occasionally disrupts business due to the fact that Pawn Stars actors members have to spare time to sign autographs.


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