Reza Farahan Bio, Wiki

Reza Farahan is an Iranian Real legacy agent and also reality star who is best known because that starring on “Shahs of Sunset” Bravo’s truth TV series. 

Farahan graduated from Beverly Hills High institution in 1991. The then graduated in 1995 from mountain Francisco State University. As one actor, Farahan is well-known for Sharknado 3: oh Hell No! (2015), Yours, Mine or ours (2016) and Shahs the Sunset (2012).

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Reza Farahan Age

Farahan was born together Reza Mehdi Farahan on respectable 5, 1973, in Tehran, Iran (he is 46 years old as of 2019.)


Reza Farahan Photo

Reza Farahan Family

His father, Manoochehr Farahan, to be Jewish however converted right into Muslim in order to marry Reza’s mommy who is a Muslim. He relocated with his family to the United says as a child and also grew increase in Beverly Hills.

After his parents’ marriage ended in divorce, his dad moved ago to brand-new York to be with his Jewish family; in an episode, it’s revealed the Reza’s paternal grandmother pressured his father and rejected Reza since he was no Jewish.

Reza Farahan Husband

Farahan is open minded gay. He and Adam Neely acquired married in ~ the end of 2015. The two had almost called off their wedding after ~ rumors that the drunk MJ was moving the gay couple’s love child yet they uncovered out the it to be fake and also got married.

His husband, Adam Neely, a former fashion model, functions for Ryan Murphy in post-production top top his assorted shows. The two have actually been connected since 2010, and also their engagement to be featured in the third-season finale. In season four of Shahs that Sunset, Reza and Adam had complications in your relationship and called off their wedding ~ tumultuous issues arose inside their team of friends following a fake rumor that the drunk MJ moving the happy couple’s love child. The got married in 2015.

Reza’s Husband Nudes

On Sunday’s season eight premiere the Shahs of Sunset, viewers learned the Farahan’s husband allegedly play ‘strip Jenga’ with other guys when he was out of town.

The revelation came at a terrible time because that Reza and Adam who had been working to rebuild their connection after what Reza dubbed a ‘downward spiral.’

Ali Ashouri, a friend of castmember Destiney Rose, had actually received sexually revealing photos from Adam and added that he’d heard that naked Jenga parties occurred during Reza’s service trips.

Reza was surprisingly calm as he handle the information.

“I wanna know and also I wanna ask, the course. Either we’ll be together, or we’ll it is in apart. Everything it is, I’m happy you men are telling me,” Reza said to his friends. “Thank friend so much. I’ll gain to the bottom the it. One of two people there’s part weird stuff going on or it’s totally innocuous. Either way, i would rather you guys always tell me.”

The episode finished with anyone leaving the party, together Reza and also his husband sat together outside.

Reza Farahan net Worth

Farahan has actually an approximated net worth of $7 million USD i beg your pardon he has earned with his successful career together a real estate agent and also reality star.

Reza Farahan Shahs of Sunset

Farahan is one of the cast members of Shahs that Sunset which follows a team of 6 Persian-American friend in Los Angeles who shot to juggle their active social lives and careers while also balancing the demands of their families and traditions. Among the featured friends are real estate certified dealer Mercedes, controversial singer Asa and also classic `Persian Princess’ Golnesa.

Reza Farahan Restraining Order

Reza has derived a three-year restraining order against Tommy Feight, the husband the his Shahs the Sunset co-star Mercedes “MJ” Javid. Tommy Feight was ordered to continue to be 100 yards away from him during that time period.

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In July, he had pleaded not guilty to vandalism and trespassing charges carried forth by Farahan, that had acquired a momentary restraining order against him.

Farahan has filed a restraining bespeak on Mercedes “MJ” Javid’s husband, Tommy Feight. He alleged the Feight not only vandalized his home (which he share with companion Adam Neely), however he asserted that MJ’s husband also “called and also said he was going to death me.”