Profile:Rebecca Kufrin
Age:31 years Old
Height:5ft 7in (171 cm)
Net Worth:Pending


Rebecca Kufrin is one American publicist and reality tv star. She climbed to prominence as the winner the season 22 that ABC’s The Bachelor. She went back to the tiny screen in might 2018 together the star of season 14 that The Bachelorette. Kufrin was born top top April 3, 1990, in Benson, Minnesota. Her father, Steve, passed away of brain cancer, and also her mother, Jill, is a breast cancer survivor. She has actually an enlarge sister called Emily. Kufrin prospered up in front Lake, Minnesota, wherein she attended prior Lake High School. She completed she BS degree in mass interactions at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

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CAREER Kufrin functions as a an elderly account executive at the technology public relations agency ‘Skyya Communications’. She’s been through the firm since 2012. Skyya is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They specialization in branding, marketing strategies, and also media relation services. Kufrin make her tv debut in January 2018. She competed for the final rose and also a shot in ~ love top top season 22 that The Bachelor starring Arie Luyendyk Jr. She won and accepted Luyendyk’s marriage proposal. However, Luyendyk called off the engagement weeks later in donate of runner-up Lauren Burnham. Unedited clip from their emotional breakup to be aired during the 3-hour season finale in march 2018.

On in march 6, 2018, Kufrin to be announced as the star the season 14 the The Bachelorette. The notice was make on ABC’s after ~ the final Rose special. Season 14 premiered on might 28, 2018. She suitors include football tight end Clay Harbor and Colton Underwood. The cast likewise includes building and construction manager, Alex Templeman, fitness coach, Connor Obrochta, electrician, approve Vandevanter, grocery store owner, Joe Amabile, and attorney, Nick Spetsas. Clinical sales rep, Garrett Yrigoyen, winner the first impression rose. Becca’s television credits also include to chat Tonight, accessibility Hollywood, The View, great Morning America, Ellen, and also Live! v Kelly.

PERSONAL Rebecca Kufrin’s elevation is 5ft 7in and also she’s one Aries. She has three tattoos, consisting of “Psalms 61:2” one ~ above her ideal wrist. Her personal net worth is unavailable at this time. In 2018, Kufrin donated $6,000 come the charity foundation ‘Stand as much as Cancer’. The money was increased for she by fans using the Venmo app. She’s additionally known for her previous volunteer job-related with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

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Kufrin right now lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has actually a corgi called Max. Her favorite films include the music comedy Sister action 2 (1993) and the comedy pitch Perfect (2012). Kufrin date Ross Jirgl for 7 years before her time on The Bachelor. Ross played football in ~ Minnesota State University and now functions as a coach at Stanford University.

Rebecca Kufrin genuine Name, Birthday, Wiki

Real Name:Rebecca Kufrin
Birthday:April 3, 1990
Age:31 year Old
Place that Birth:Benson, Minnesota, unified States
Zodiac Sign:Aries
Height:5ft 7in (171 cm)
Occupation:Publicist, TV Personality
Net Worth: