“During a new season in my life, ns turned a horrific time into something great,” says Gary LeVox.The singer is in excited soul while top top a phone call with glossesweb.com, and putting the last touches top top his new solo single, the end March 19.

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For 2 decades, LeVox was finest known together the frontman of superstar nation trio Rascal Flatts. The team announced that retirement in January 2020, and was reserved to part ways critical year after your 17th headlining concert tourism in 20 years. However, last March’s start of the novel coronavirus pandemic postponed -- and has now canceled -- those dates.

had actually a farewell tour planned, yet COVID kinda told us all farewell,” LeVox notes, bittersweetly.

One of many results from his time in quarantine is the new, uplifting, Christian-themed single, “The Distance,” which the veteran artist recorded at the start of the pandemic. It complies with "Christmas will certainly Be various This Year," i beg your pardon he exit in December.

“People are shedding jobs, falling food to medicine addiction, and the divorce rate is rising," LeVox says, regarding his an ideas for composing the track with mockery Hogeand Matt McVaney. Making a straight thematic call to both his fanbase and to music fans all blighted by an international turmoil, the continues, “This is a optimistic song. World need that sentiment expressed appropriate now.”

Out on huge Machine Records, the solitary is component of a larger Christian project that LeVox call a “bucket perform item.” Citing the unexpected finish to his consistent and hectic touring schedule as a aspect in his decision (“I can not say, ‘It’s Thursday, can’t record since it’s time to jump on the plane or the bus and also tour Florida over the weekend.’”), quarantine’s interminable size has likewise forced him to be more mindful of “my family, God, and my go in faith,” the says. The regards these as “truly crucial things in life” the he may have occasionally “taken because that granted.”

He harbors no ill will towards his Rascal Flatts bandmates Jay DeMarcus and also Joe Don Rooney. Still, he says that no much longer working in a trio has listed him an innovative freedom, permitting him come “cut the music that I think in when I feel like it. As soon as you’re working with three dudes, you have three various opinions, and also it becomes a situation of "Let the finest song win.""

Rascal Flatts Reflect on your Career front of Retirement: "This is a Decision us Didn"t reach Lightly"

To wit, the launches right into an animated conversation of an additional track called "Working top top Sunday" indigenous his forthcoming Christian EP. Originally pitched as a Rascal Flatts song, DeMarcus and also Rooney “passed ~ above it because that some reason or another,” LeVox recalls. “<“Working ~ above Sunday”> make it come being recorded for this project, and it’s among the most interesting things I’ve ever been a part of as a songwriter.”

LeVox defines the tune as “spiritually-based” through a “tongue-in-cheek” sentiment, about someone in a relationship who’s seeking heavenly guidance complying with an argument. “I’ve dubbed her, and also texted her -- and also i know just how you feel around working on Sundays -- but I nothing think I can make it come Monday if she doesn’t contact me back,” LeVox says, paraphrasing the song’s lyrical content.

“In mine opinion, the best singers come native the gospel world,” LeVox says. A number of them are on his upcoming project, consisting of Tauren Wells, that wrote “While ns Wait,” a tune LeVox sings v his 20-year old daughter, Brittany. A duet between LeVox and Grammy-nominated gospel vocalist Jonathan McReynolds also appears top top the project.

LeVox isn’t limiting his job-related to his very own EP: He newly collaborated top top the a new project for Christian rock act Mercy Me, to add names a smattering of various other performers -- Tasha Cobbs, CeCe Winans, Toby Mac, and also Natalie approve -- with whom that would enjoy combining musical forces.

Though he’s spent the past two decades as a steadfast face at country music’s forefront, LeVox states that since he prospered up in the church, country, bluegrass, and also gospel music have all been familiar to his ears, and also beloved in his heart since childhood. The idea that gospel’s most legendary text “stand the test of time” -- comparable to country -- is what allows him to return to the genre for this reason comfortably together an adult musically. “No issue how good you sing or play, it’s the lyrics, story, and melody that allow you to tell someone else’s story with music," that says. "You can discover a piece of her life in the music ns making."

As happy together he is to it is in making music, LeVox -- that is additionally working ~ above a solo nation album -- mirrors the most enthusiasm as soon as he talks about getting in former of one audience, especially as vaccination initiatives make touring a not-too-distant truth again. “I’m so ready to play live mirrors again i can’t even see straight! Go gain vaccinated!” the says.

Regarding the now-canceled last Rascal Flatts tour in 2020, it shows up that the team will forego your farewell dates. “We’ve been quarantined, so there hasn’t been much work stuff to speak about,” LeVox relates once asked if he’s spoken to his bandmates in the previous year. But, the group’s former lead singer tho advises the “Flattheads” need to still host out expect to hear the songs the he helped make well known with the trio.

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“Flatts aren’t going to go back on the roadway this year. But I’ll it is in on the roadway for sure,” he says. “I have 17 No. 1s through Rascal Flatts, plus there’s my new stuff. I’ll be extending all bases.”

When request what keeps him grounded as he counts the days come both his brand-new single being released and potentially performing that onstage, LeVox sighs wearily. Then, offered the direction he’s adopted during a “new season” in his life, he estimates 2 Corinthians 4:17-18: “This, too, shall pass,” the says.

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