R KELLY will certainly be sentenced on might 4, 2022, after being convicted that sexually abusing women and also children over 2 decades.

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The music mogul's crimes could see the in jail for the rest of his life - however his victims and also family are likewise left imprisoned by his sick past.


Andrea met R Kelly as soon as she was recruited as one of his backing dancers at period 19Credit: ITV

Who is R Kelly's ex-wife Andrea Kelly?

Andrea Kelly - born Andrea Danyell Lee - is one American choreographer, dancer and also actress.

She was infamously married to singer-songwriter R Kelly and also accused that of emotional, physical and sexual abuse after their divorce.

"Here ns am, his major dancer, choreographer, on phase right beside him," Andrea, 47, previously explained.

"And human being have no idea that this man simply beat me on the bus. Civilization have no idea that the bruises I'm hiding."

She remarried in 2014 to 36-year-old barber and also R&B singer Brian McKee, however sadly divorced just two months later on after rumors that was having an affair.

How long were R Kelly and also Andrea Kelly with each other for?

Drea married R Kelly in 1996 when she to be 22-years-old.



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The pair had met in Chicago as soon as she came to be a back-up dancer because that the hitmaker at period 19, prior to rising the ranking to come to be his choreographer - but after virtually a decade of marriage, it came tumbling down.

In September 2005, Drea filed a restraining order against Kelly ~ he struck her when she told him she want a divorce.

She filed for a divorce in 2006, i beg your pardon was eventually finalized in 2009.

The mother previously claimed she proudly retained her marital name due to the fact that she paid for it in "blood, sweat and also tears. Literally."

"Drea Kelly is a survivor. Drea Kelly make it far from Robert Kelly. That is my badge."

Do R Kelly and Andrea Kelly have any kind of children?

The pair re-superstructure three children together - daughters Joann, 22, and also Jaah, 21, and also son Robert Jr, 19.

Eldest Joann previously labelled her father a "monster" in an emotional Instagram write-up on January 11, 2019.

The kids reportedly refuse to contact Robert Sr. Your "dad" as he failed to behave choose one in their lives.

Despite the lack of contact, R Kelly's children have seemingly inherited his music talents.

Joann is a singer who performs under the name Buku Abi if Jaah raps and produces under the name JaahBaby.

What has Andrea Kelly said around R Kelly's recent prison sentence?

Andrea spoke of the "heartbreak" she feel for she three children after your father was convicted of many sex trafficking charges.

"I feel that my love is in two places," she stated in an emotive interview on good Morning brothers on September 28, 2021.

"My heart absolutely goes out to the survivors and the courage the it takes to come forward and also tell the story.

"But my heart breaks as a mother because this is currently the tradition that my youngsters will have actually to attend to and their children's children. 

"At the finish of the day, you can not walk far from your blood line," Andrea continued.

"I have the capability to separate and also distance myself native it, yet his blood runs v my children's veins and it's component of their DNA and they couldn't to escape it also if they want to.

"So it's very an overwhelming for me to sit in the position."

The 47-year-old said presenters Susanna Reid and also Alastair Campbell she can "only speak of my journey together his ex-wife and a survivor and also an advocate."

"It doesn't matter if your parents have actually a problem with drug addiction - you space still going to love them because they space a component of your DNA, you share blood v them.

"I also support my children in every little thing they feel due to the fact that at the finish of the day, even if it is he ever before sold an additional song, discovered guilty or not guilty, what is true and what will constantly be true is that it's their father, therefore they can feel everything they feel,' she added.

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Robert Sylvester Kelly now faces decades behind bars after gift convicted by a Brooklyn commonwealth court.

The 47-year-old choreographer speak out versus her abusive husband, but said she quiet feels heartbroken for her childrenCredit: Getty pictures - Getty