Azriel Clary is still speaking out against R. Kelly. Clary date Kelly from the time she was 17, a minor, till she was 22. Climate she testified versus Kelly in ~ his brand-new York trial, where Kelly was ultimately convicted of fees of sex trafficking and also racketeering. Clary satellite down with Gayle King for a follow-up interview ~ Kelly’s sentencing. During the interview Clary stated it was an additional Kelly girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, who inspired her come leave.

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“I went to Chicago to gain Joy to try to leave v me,” Clary said. “She was really erratic and she was very, very emotional and I’m like, ‘You know, I’ve spent 5 years through you. Perform you know who that is the you’re taking your anger the end on?’ when I saw how vicious and also how she didn’t even look choose herself, ns was like, ‘This is how I provided to look, this is for this reason humiliating, this is really how I provided to look.’ that was my wake up call, that day once I went back to trump card Towers and also we acquired into a physical altercation.”

Azriel Clary still desires to aid Joycelyn Savage

Clary said reports of she fight v Savage didn’t identify that she to be trying to aid Savage see what sort of abuse they to be accepting.

“I’m constantly going to carry out what I need to do to defend myself yet people no really understand the paper definition of that,” Savage said. “All she can focus on to be him and also I to be like, ‘Please, listen. Simply listen. This isn’t about him. This is about you. For one split second think around you and how you feel and also your emotions.’”

Savage continued to be with Kelly, however Clary hopes she will come to the exact same realization.

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“I feel favor time ,” Clary said. “Me and also Joy we’ve had a many of an extremely womanly conversations and also we had that privilege once he was in jail. It to be a beautiful thing and also she had expressed to me a the majority of the points that she wasn’t happy with and also I had expressed to she a many the things that i wasn’t happy with. I know that she currently knows the it no healthy. It’s really just a matter of time of once she desires to placed herself very first because that’s yes, really all that boiled under for come me. Ns just had actually to put myself first.”

According come CBS News, neither lawyers because that Kelly no one his existing girlfriends responded to your requests for discuss Clary’s interview.