A statue is collection to it is in revealed in honour of Princess Diana, in what was believed to be she favourite point out on the Kensington royal residence grounds

The statue will certainly be unveiled at 2pm ~ above Thursday, July 1, 2021 – i m sorry would have been the so late Princess' birthday.

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Princess Diana will certainly be the emphasis of a new documentary collection to wait this Thursday top top ITCredit: Alamy

When is Princess Diana's birthday?

Diana's date of birth is ~ above July 1.

The job is fondly remembered by her father, Edward man Spencer, 8 hours Earl Spencer.

The Princess that Wales' younger brother, Charles, told people magazine: "I remember mine father always used come talk around the job Diana to be born, first July 1961, and also it was a sweltering warm day and also this wonderful daughter appeared.

"It's therefore funny to be of an er now wherein your contempt older sister's 60.

"It will be an emotional day, but it will be a tribute come a much missed and also much love sister, mother."


Princess Diana would have commemorated her 60th date of birth on July, 1 2021Credit: Getty

How old would certainly Princess Diana be today?

Born ~ above July 1, 1961, Diana would certainly be celebrating she 60th date of birth in 2001.

Some twenty-four years since her tragic death on respectable 31, 1997, July 1 remains among the main days that she close family and friends commemorate to remember the so late princess.


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Where to be Princess Diana born and also where did she prosper up?

Diana compliment from the ar of Norfolk, and was born in ~ Park House, in Sandringham.

The fourth of 5 children, her family members has been very closely allied with the brothers monarchy for generations.

Her education therefore conditioned her to respond to the imperial etiquette accordingly.

She thrived up at Althorp house in Northamptonshire till she married Prince Charles in 1981 (they also met in ~ Althorp House), and also was enrolled in a number of schools.

After attending the Silfield personal School in Gayton, Norfolk, and also moved to the all-grild boarding school Riddlesworth hall School near Thetford, she joined her sister at West pagan Girls' institution in Sevenoaks, Kent.

However, she walk not perform well academically and also failed she O level twice.

She confirmed musical talent as a pianist, learned ballet and also tap dance and also was a expert diver.


Harry and William will be reuniting at Kensington Palace but neither Meghan Markle nor Prince Charles will certainly be attending the unveiling the Diana's statueCredit: AFP

How will certainly Diana's 60th date of birth be celebrated?

A new tribute to Lady Diana will certainly be do to her 60th birthday.

A statue is because of be unveiled on July 1, 2021, at Kensington royal residence to commemorate she 60th birthday.

Both of she sons, Princes Harry and also William, space to attend the event despite the post-Megxit stress and anxiety which was made worse by the Duke and the Duchess that Sussex's interview v Oprah Winfrey.

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The duke of Cambridge - who is celebrating his 39th date of birth on Monday, June 21 - and also his younger brother have been urged to come together and also forget your feud by Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell, according to The Express.

He said: "Obviously, there have actually been problems with Harry and also Meghan yet this is not a time to focus on that..

"It’s a time to emphasis on Diana’s contribution to the royal Family and also her contribution to Britain, which ns think is very significant.”

Princess Diana statue’s garden residence filled through princess’s favourite flowers
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