Princess Caroline, Louise, Marguerite, was born in the Princes Palace, ~ above January 23, 1957.

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She got her French Baccalaureat (high institution or A level) degree in 1974 v honors and continued her studies at the Sorbonne in Paris wherein she received a diploma in Philosophy and also minors in Psychology and also Biology.

She speak French, English, German, Spanish, and also Italian.

In her free time she loves come ride horses, swim, snow and also water ski.

During her youth she take it ballet lessons in ~ the Marika Besobrasova institution of dance in Monte-Carlo and also studied both piano and also flute.

In 1979 Princess Caroline to be appointed by her Father and Her Mother, to end up being the chairman of the Monegasque Committee because that the international Year of Children.

The Princess is sympathetic to the requirements of distressed youth and in 1981 founded the combination Jeune J'Ecoute. The association has collection up a 'youth hotline' whereby troubled youngsters deserve to talk about their problems on the telephone with qualified people trained in dealing with all species of difficulties that room facing children today.

Since April 1983, she has been the Honorary president of the travel guide de Monaco, which became the l'Association des travel guide et Scouts de Monaco in 1992. The Guides room the identical to the Brownies, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and also Boy Scouts. As a youth she participated in the Guides and benefited from their activities.

Outside that Monaco Princess Caroline has additionally extended her High Patronage come the 'Peter Le Marchant Trust' located in England, i m sorry organizes cost-free barge trips for the handicapped.

Prince Rainier III appointed Princess Caroline through decree top top December 17, 1982 as the chairman of the Garden society of Monaco, chairman of the organizing Committee the the Festival that Monte-Carlo Arts and also later renamed the Printemps des arts de Monte-Carlo (Springtime art of Monte-Carlo) in 1984. The was likewise his decision she come to be the chairman of the "Princess elegant Foundation".

During a push conference in Paris in 1985 Princess Caroline officially announced the development of the Ballet that Monte-Carlo establish the desire of her mommy Princess Grace.

Then on march 4, 1988 Prince Rainier III appointed Her serene Highness by decree as the president of the board of the "Prince-Pierre Foundation". She has also been the chairman of the Literary board of the same structure since 1988. In 1992 she to be appointed the president of the creative Board that the Prix worldwide d'Art Contemporain (International Contemporay arts Prize).

In April 1993 Princess Caroline was appointed the chairman of l'AMADE Mondiale (Association Mondiale des Amis de l'Enfance) or (Worldwide combination of Children's Friends), Princess Grace developed this charitable organization in 1963 to protect youngsters from physical and also psychological abuse.

On December 2nd, 2003, UNESCO Director basic Koïchiro Matsuura has actually appointed Her imperial Highness the Princess that Hanover as UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in recognition of Her personal commitment to the security of children and the family, and of Her contribution to the promotion of UNESCO's programmes because that the education of girls and also women.

Princess Caroline married Stefano Casiraghi in 1983.

The pair had three kids two boys and one girl : Andrea, Albert, Pierre Casiraghi who was born June 9, 1984, Charlotte, Marie, Pomeline Casiraghi who was born on respectable 3, 1986 and Pierre, Rainier, Stefano Casiraghi who was born top top September 5, 1987.

In October 1990 she husband Stefano was eliminated in a watercraft race.

In January 1999 the Princess married His royal Highness Prince serious of Hanover in the Princes Palace. This union caused the birth of Her imperial Highness Princess Alexandra the Hanover top top July 20, 1999.

On 2 December 2003, Kōichirō Matsuura, Director-General the UNESCO, appointed HRH the Princess that Hanover as Goodwill Ambassadress in acknowledgment for Her an individual commitment to the security of children and families and also Her donation to cultivating UNESCO programmes because that the education of women and girls

On 10 November 2005, HSH Prince Albert II that Monaco conferred the insignia of commander of cultural Merit come HRH the Princess the Hanover for Her donation to the advancement of the art and culture in the Principality, her active involvement in the Prince Pierre Foundation, Ballets de Monte-Carlo, Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, Opéra, Printemps des Arts, every Monegasque social entities over which She presides.

On 3 July 2014, military General Jean-Louis Georgelin, cool Chancellor the the Légion d'Honneur, conferred the insignia of commander of the bespeak of farming Merit upon HRH the Princess the Hanover.

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On 20 may 2014, granny Aurélie Filippetti, Minister for society and Communication, promoted Her imperial Highness The Princess the Hanover come the rank of command of the bespeak of Arts and Letters, one of the many prestigious distinctions among the French Republic’s 4 ministerial orders.

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