PRINCE wilhelm is a leading member that the imperial Family and also has invested his whole life in the spotlight.

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But how old is the first-born boy of Prince Charles and also Princess Diana?

Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot in April 2011Credit: AP:Associated Press

How old is Prince William?

Prince William, the fight it out of Cambridge, was born on June 21, 1982, at St Mary's Hospital in London.

This renders the prince, that is second in heat to the brother throne, 39 years old.

When he was a teenager, Wills started studying at St Andrews university in Scotland, prior to joining the RAF and training together a helicopter pilot.

He then went top top to job-related as a search and also rescue pilot native 2009 come 2013, when his company with the armed Forces involved an end.


Prince william pictured together a teenager in September 2000Credit: PA:Press Association

How high is Prince William?

The Prince is a regal 1.91m high - that's just under 6ft 3inches.

While his younger brothers Harry is simply a touch shorter at 1.86m - 6ft 1inch.

Prince William's wife Kate Middleton procedures up at 1.75m - 5ft 7inches.

What go Prince wilhelm look like as soon as he to be young?

As a toddler, Prince William had blonde hair which ended up being darker together he gained older.

During his teenage years and also in his beforehand 20s, the prince had thick hair brushed forward.

It was together a teen at the college of St andrews in Scotland wilhelm met Kate in 2001, yet the pair didn’t start dating until two years later.


A young Prince William getting here for his first day at nursery in 1985Credit: Getty images - Getty

Before university, he to be educated in ~ the woman Mynors' nursery school, adhered to by Wetherby school - both in London.

Wills then attended Ludgrove institution in Wokingham.

For secondary school, wilhelm took an entrance exam and also was admitted to Eton.

There he learned Geography, biology and history of arts at A-Level.

What's Prince William's surname?

Much like Madonna - Prince William and his brothers Harry don't have tendency to usage their last name.




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If they were to use a surname it would be Mountbatten-Windsor.

This mix of what was Prince Philip's critical name, Mountbatten, mixed with the Queen's, Windsor.

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However, their youngsters use Cambridge in school, and also the household are frequently known by this.

Proud Dad Prince wilhelm returns to Lindo Wing with Prince George and Princess Charlotte after ~ Kate Middleton provides birth come a baby young - their 3rd child in ~ St Mary"s hospital