Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II's husband, has died aged 99, Buckingham Palace has actually announced.

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A statement authorize by the palace simply after midday spoke of the Queen's "deep sorrow" complying with his fatality at Windsor lock on Friday morning.

The duke of Edinburgh, the longest-serving imperial consort in british history, was at the Queen's next for more than her six years of reign.

"It is v deep sorrow the Her Majesty The Queen announces the death of her beloved husband," the royal residence said.

It is taken that the Prince the Wales travelled from his residence in Gloucestershire to visit his mommy at Windsor lock on Friday afternoon.

Speaking at Downing Street, the prime minister claimed that the duke had "earned the affection that generations right here in the joined Kingdom, across the Commonwealth, and around the world".

Meanwhile, Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, said he "consistently placed the understand of others ahead the his own and, in therefore doing, detailed an outstanding example of Christian service".

In tribute to the duke, Westminster Abbey began tolling that tenor bell once every 60 secs at 18:00 BST. That rang out 99 times to honour annually of his life.

Earlier, the flag at Buckingham royal residence was lower to half-mast and also a an alert was posted on the gates to note the duke's death.

People put floral tributes external the palace, if hundreds saw Windsor castle to pay their respects.

However, the federal government urged the general public not to gather or leaving tributes at imperial residences amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Royal household has asked world to think about making a donation come a charity instead of leaving flowers in memory of the duke, and an online publication of condolence has been released on the main royal website for those that wish to send messages.

A post on the website that the Duke and Duchess that Sussex's non-profit organisation Archewell payment tribute to the "loving memory" the the fight it out of Edinburgh, saying: "Thank girlfriend for her service... You will certainly be significantly missed."

From midday on Saturday, a 41-gun salute will certainly take ar for Prince Philip in cities including London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and also Belfast, and also in Gibraltar and also at sea from royal Navy warships, the ministry of Defence said. They will be broadcast online and also on tv for the general public to watch from home.

The's royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell stated it was "a minute of sadness" because that the country and also "most particularly, because that the Queen losing her husband the 73 year - a bigger expectancy of year than many of us deserve to imagine".

He claimed Prince Philip had made "a large contribution come the success that the Queen's reign", describing the duke as "utterly faithful in his id in the prestige of the function that the Queen to be fulfilling - and in his duty to assistance her".

"It was the prestige of the solidity of the relationship, of their marriage, that was so critical to the success of her reign," that added.

Image source, Reuters
Image source, Reuters

A financial institution of photographers and cameramen were lined up about the growing number of tributes in ~ Buckingham royal residence on Friday afternoon, said News reporter Marie Jackson.

Rhea Varma, indigenous Pimlico, pulled approximately the gates on her bike come lay flowers and a note saying remainder in peace Duke.

She said the news was "super sad". Come her, the fight it out was "the sort of stability that's so old-fashioned it's difficult to comprehend. He to be a rock who lugged integrity."




Adam Wharton-Ward, 36, likewise arrived to leaving lilies by the royal residence gates. The is visiting London from his residence in France but was so moved by the news, he want to "rally round" because that the Queen's sake.

"It's for this reason sad. He's been through her because that 73 years. If it wasn't because that him who knows if she would certainly have gained through it," the said.

In March, the fight it out left King Edward VII's hospital in main London after ~ a month-long continue to be for treatment.

He was admitted ~ above 16 February after emotion unwell, and later underwent a procedure because that a pre-existing heart problem at one more London hospital - St Bartholomew's.

The sun has been shining under on Windsor lock this afternoon, yet the mood exterior is understandably sombre.

One young boy, Oscar, came through his mom to lay flowers. That left a map which read: "Your Majesty, so sorry about hearing around your impressive husband."

The flag below hasn't to be lowered come half-mast. That's since it's the imperial Standard which method the Queen is in residence. It's the one flag which stays at full mast.

Inside the castle the Queen, currently a widow, is in mourning for her husband that has always been by her side.

Prince Philip's funeral will take ar at St George's Chapel, Windsor - but the arrangements have been amended in irradiate of the coronavirus pandemic, the college of Arms said in a statement.

The fight it out will, however, lie at rest in Windsor castle ahead the a funeral, the college of eight said, "in line with custom and with His royal Highness's wishes".

The explain said: "The funeral arrangements have actually been revised in check out of the prevailing circumstances emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic and also it is regretfully requested that members of the public carry out not attempt to to visit or take part in any of the events that make up the funeral."

Buckingham royal residence will confirm the comprehensive arrangements because that the funeral top top the royal website, the added.

All UK government buildings have to be told to fly an main flags at half-mast in tribute to the battle each other until 08:00 BST on the job after the funeral.

Their an initial son, the Prince that Wales, Prince Charles, was born in 1948, followed by his sister, the Princess Royal, Princess Anne, in 1950, the fight it out of York, Prince Andrew, in 1960 and also the Earl that Wessex, Prince Edward, in 1964.

His mother, Princess Alice, was a daughter the Prince Louis of Battenberg and also a great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria.

The duke of Edinburgh and also the Queen commemorated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary top top 20 November 2007

Politicians across the UK were joined in mourning complying with the announcement of the duke's death.

Labour leader sir Keir Starmer stated the UK had "lost an extraordinary windy servant", when Scotland's very first Minister Nicola Sturgeon claimed his "long donation to public life in Scotland will certainly leave a profound note on that people".

Wales' an initial Minister note Drakeford stated the fight it out "served the crown v selfless devotion and generosity of spirit".

Parliament will honour the duke on Monday, through the home of Commons sitting at 14:30 BST for tributes complying with his death.

Parties have additionally suspended their marketing elections top top 6 May, i beg your pardon will see voters head to the polls for council and also mayoral positions in England, the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Parliament.

Australian element Minister Scott Morrison tweeted the the duke "embodied a generation that us will never see again", when Canada's prime Minister Justin Trudeau explained Philip together a "man of good purpose and also conviction".

And Indian element Minister Narendra Modi recalled the duke for his "distinguished career in the military" and work "at the head of numerous community organization initiatives".

US president Joe Biden and first Lady Jill Biden joined other civilization leaders in sending out their "deepest condolences" to the Queen, the royal Family and the human being of the UK.

In a statement, they said the fight it out "gladly specialized himself come the human being of the UK, the Commonwealth, and to his family".

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"His legacy will live on, not just through his family, yet in every the charitable endeavours the shipped," the said.