PRINCE Philip was 99 year old when he passed away (April 9, 2021) after celebrate his last birthday in lockdown with Queen Elizabeth II.

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The duke of Edinburgh passed away at Windsor Castle, but despite being the kid of a prince and also princess, the was no a King.


Prince Philip to be born ~ above June 10, 1921, in Corfu, GreeceCredit: Getty - Contributor

How old to be Prince Philip once he died?

Prince Philip, otherwise well-known as the duke of Edinburgh turned 99 in June, 2020.

He would have hit a significant milestone this year when he turn 100 after being born in 1921 in Greece.

The duke of Edinburgh passed away at Windsor lock on April 9, 2021.

A statement native Buckingham royal residence said: "It is through deep sorrow that Her Majesty The Queen has actually announced the fatality of she beloved husband, His imperial Highness The Prince Philip, duke of Edinburgh.

"His royal Highness passed far peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle.

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"Further announcements will certainly made in early course.

"The Royal household join v people roughly the people in mourning his loss."