Prince George with his parents Prince William and Kate Middleton at Wembley Stadium throughout the Euros semi-final in July. (Credit: Getty)

We can’t believe how old Prince George is getting. It appears like just yesterday the William and Kate stood external the Lindo Wing through their firstborn to present him to the world.

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It’s never easy farming up in the public eye, particularly when you’re the future King the England. However Prince George appears to be taking it in his stride.

As 3rd in line to the throne, George is and also will it is in an incredibly necessary Royal family member in the future. I beg your pardon is why we’ve compiled the important need-to-know facts around Prince George including his birthday, age and also full name below.

How old is Prince George and also when to be he born?

Prince George will turn eight-years-old ~ above 22nd July 2021.

The Duke and Duchess the Cambridge welcomed their first son at 4.24pm on that hot summer day in 2013. Through Kate providing birth at the Lindo Wing, a personal maternity ward at St Mary’s Hospital, London.


The Duke and also Duchess the Cambridge through a newborn George top top July 22, 2013. (Credit: Niki Nikolova/FilmMagic)

Two days later the pair announced Prince George’s complete name together George Alexander Louis. His very first name is believed to it is in a sweet tribute to the Queen’s father King George VI. Whilst his second name directly honours the Queen Elizabeth herself. Together Alexander is the male variation of Alexandra – she Majesty’s center name.

Last year, the Cambridges significant George’s seventh birthday with two sweet picture of their son. Eager-eyed fans detailed a to mark similarity in between George and Prince william in the pictures – through the young imperial looking much more and much more like his dad each day.

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Kate is well-known for walking all the end for her children’s birthday celebrations. Prince George’s party plans for his sixth birthday reportedly contained his favourite food, a magician and a bouncy castle.

How high is Prince George?

Whilst us don’t recognize his main height, Prince George is believed to be approximately four feet tall.

Fans were surprised at exactly how much the young royal has actually shot up in current years. In a Cambridge household outing come a pantomime critical Christmas, photos confirmed George coming approximately his dad’s waist.


The Cambridge family members attend a pantomime in London in December 2020. (Credit: Getty)

Genetics pat a big role in a child’s height and considering Prince William’s height and also Kate standing at 5 foot 9 inch – we reckon George will grow up to it is in a high young man.

It’s possible that George will one day tower over his great-grandmother too. Queen Elizabeth II is 5 foot 4 inches and is significantly much shorter than she grandsons Prince William and Prince Harry.

How lot older is Prince George than Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis?

As the first-born Cambridge, Prince George is older 보다 his sister and brother.

George is simply under two years older 보다 his sister, v 650 days in between George and Princess Charlotte.

The seven-year-old is also older 보다 his tiny brother Prince Louis, that was born on 23rd April, 2018.

There is around four years and nine months between the two Cambridge brothers.


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The two boys re-publishing a close link – and clothes reportedly – with thrifty mum Kate keeping some of George’s old outfits for her youngest come wear. Imperial fans i found it Prince Louis put on George’s old jumper in a family members photo mutual last Winter.

As because that Prince George and also his sister Princess Charlotte, the 2 siblings share a passion for dance. George has actually weekly ballet lessons, whilst Kate revealed Charlotte ‘loves to dance’ too.

Does Prince George recognize he will certainly be king one day?

According to royal biographer Robert Lacey, yes – Prince George to be told by his dad the he will certainly be king about the time that his seventh birthday.

Prince William chose a ‘controlled moment’ to notify his an initial born of what his future holds. With the conversation alleged to have taken place last summer.

“Sometime about the boy’s seventh date of birth in the summer the 2020 it is thought that his parents went into more detail about what the small prince’s life that future imperial ‘service and duty’ would particularly involve,” Lacey writes in his book Battle of the Brothers.

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Fellow royal expert, Katie Nicholl revealed that George has known the his life has actually a different path 보다 that of his siblings.

She told OK!: “I think George understands, prefer William did from a very early age, that he’s different from his younger brother and also sister and also that he’ll have a various future. After ~ all, he gets taken away to execute photoshoots through Her Majesty the Queen, for this reason he must an alert he’s been singled out.”