PRINCE William and also Kate Middleton have three youngsters together as one of the most well known families in the world.

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And now the royal pair are celebrating your eldest child's birthday, together Prince George turns seven on Wednesday, July 22. Below is the age difference between the young prince and also his siblings.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are farming upCredit: Getty - Contributor

How old room Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis?

Prince William and Kate Middleton announced in December 2012 the they to be expecting their an initial child together, following their wedding the ahead year.

On July 22, 2013, Kate to be admitted to St Mary's Hospital, whereby William self was born, and emerged through a son - Prince George - who's currently seven.

In September 2014, the royal pair announced the Kate was pregnant again, which caused the birth of Princess Charlotte at the exact same hospital on may 2, 2015.

Princess Charlotte turned five on might 2, 2020.

after Charles, Prince william is following in line because that the throne, with his children George, Charlotte and also Louis adhering to in third, fourth and also fifthCredit: PA:Press Association

On September 4, 2017, it was announced the Kate and William to be expecting their 3rd child.

On the morning that April 23, 2018, St George's Day, Kensington royal residence announced the Kate remained in labour and had top to the Lindo wing.

A more announcement came saying that she had safely yielded a baby boy at 11.01am in ~ 8lbs 7oz, making Prince Louis 2 years old.

What are their complete names?

The full name of their eldest child, Prince George, is George Alexander Louis, while Princess Charlotte is referred to as Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.


Charlotte and George to be excited to satisfy their new brotherCredit: PA:Press Association

When did Prince George begin school?

Prince George, like numerous four-year-olds, packed up his pencil case and headed into school for the an initial time on September 7, 2017.

The Duke and Duchess the Cambridge choose to send their very first born to the rather posh south London institution St Thomas’s of Battersea.

The exclusive establishment charges the princely amount of £17k-a-year for your students.

When walk Princess Charlotte begin school?

Princess Charlotte joined her older brothers at Thomas's in Battersea in September 2019,

However her very first year was interrupted when all schools closed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

She moved to the college after beginning out in ~ the Willcocks Nursery college on Monday, January 8, 2018.

The nursery has an “outstanding” rating by Ofsted, thanks to the "staff's meticulous planning an abilities in ensuring children's individual learning needs room met".

It has an all-female staff and also is operation by Lavinia Taylor, who has been headmistress due to the fact that September 2009.

The school’s ethos is "for high standards, excellence and an excellent manners".


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When will Prince Louis begin nursery?

As the youngest, Prince louis is however to attend any kind of sort of officially education.

However, it is intended the young prince will certainly follow in his sister's footsteps and also head off to Willocks Nursery school in 2021.

The fifth in heat to the throne will be three when he attends the 16,950 a year nursery.

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According to the letter Online, Kate attends weekly £12 Monkey Music sessions with her youngest.

Prince william admits Prince George, Charlotte and Louis can be fussy eaters when it involves dinner time and every parent have the right to relate


no hope Queen had 'NO CHOICE' however to strip Harry & Meg of title after 'disgrace'