The Prince that Wales, eldest kid of The Queen and Prince Philip, battle each other of Edinburgh, to be born at Buckingham royal residence at 9.14pm top top 14th November 1948, weighing 7lb and also 6oz. 

A proclamation was posted top top the palace railings just prior to midnight, announcing that Her royal Highness Princess Elizabeth had been safely ceded of a son who had actually been named Charles Philip Arthur George. 

On 15th December, the young Prince Charles was christened in the Music Room in ~ Buckingham Palace, by the Archbishop that Canterbury, Dr Geoffrey Fisher.

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The Prince"s mother was proclaimed Queen Elizabeth II at the period of 25, as soon as her father, King George VI, died aged 56 on sixth February 1952. On The Queen"s accession to the throne, Prince Charles - together the Sovereign"s eldest boy - ended up being heir evident at the age of three.The Prince, together Heir come The Throne, took on the timeless titles the The duke of Cornwall under a charter that King Edward III in 1337; and, in the Scottish peerage, of duke of Rothesay, Earl the Carrick, Baron the Renfrew, mr of the Isles, and Prince and an excellent Steward the Scotland.The Prince was four at his mother"s Coronation, in Westminster Abbey on second June 1953. Plenty of who watched the Coronation have actually vivid memories of the seated in between his widowed grandmother, currently to be known as Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, and his aunt, Princess Margaret.The Queen and also The duke of Edinburgh made decision that The Prince should go to school quite than have a guardian at the Palace and so The Prince began at Hill residence school in West London top top 7th November 1956.After 10 months, the young Prince became a boarder in ~ Cheam School, a preparatory college in Berkshire. In 1958 when The Prince to be at Cheam, The Queen developed him The Prince that Wales and also Earl of Chester. The Prince was nine-years-old.


The Queen, The battle each other of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and Princess Anne space photographed ~ above a walk roughly the Windsor lock grounds


seated comfortably on a tartan rug, The Queen, The battle each other of Edinburgh and also their children play in the grounds the Balmoral castle

Queen Elizabeth, her sister Princess Margaret and the young Prince, look at a programme as they watch the British horse Society"s 3 day horse trials

The Prince that Wales, through his dad the fight it out of Edinburgh showing up at Gordonstoun for the Prince"s first day at Public college
The Prince the Wales dram polo during a family members Brigade Club match for the Chairman"s Cup ~ above Smith"s Lawn, Windsor good Park, 8 hours August 1965
The Prince the Wales performs the dagger scene in Gordonstoun School"s production of Shakespeare"s "Macbeth" in i beg your pardon he play the location role, 27th November 1965
A portrait of Prince Charles, the Prince the Wales, i was delegated for his 18th date of birth on November 14th, 1966. He is attract the Balmoral tartan
The Prince of Wales, wearing the Trinity gown of blue silk through black facings, poses on the actions of Neville Court, Cambridge
The Prince the Wales - 1958 come 1968

In April 1962 The Prince started his very first term at Gordonstoun, a school close to Elgin in east Scotland i m sorry The fight it out of Edinburgh had actually attended.

The Prince the Wales invested two terms in 1966 together an exchange college student at Timbertop, a remote station of the Geelong Church that England Grammar college in Melbourne, Australia.When he went back to Gordonstoun because that his last year, The Prince the Wales was appointed school guardian (head boy). The Prince, that had currently passed six O Levels, likewise took A Levels and also was awarded a grade B in background and a C in French, along with a difference in one optional one-of-a-kind history file in July 1967.The Prince checked out Cambridge college in 1967 to read archaeology and anthropology at Trinity College. He readjusted to background for the second component of his degree, and also in 1970 was awarded a 2:2 degree.

The Prince that Wales in ~ the university College the Wales in Aberystwyth finding out Welsh in the Language rap
The Prince throughout a walk and also picnic in Snowdonia ~ chairing a landscape in 1970 conference at Bangor college
The Prince is invested as Prince the Wales in ~ Caernarfon lock in a spectacular ceremony through his mother The Queen, first July 1969
The Prince the Wales serving as a Sub-Lieutenant top top the bridge of the Frigate Minerva in ~ Devonport, 12th February 1973
The Prince the Wales visits port Moresby to celebrate the bear of Papua new Guinea as an independent nation, 13th September 1975
The Prince of Wales on phase with comedy duo Eric Morecambe, left, and Ernie Wise, right, during their special imperial Charity display in help of The Queen"s Jubilee Appeal, fourth July 1977
The Prince, as Colonel-in-Chief that the Parachute Regiment, talks to young recruits at the Airborne forces Parade in Aldershot, 8 hours July 1978
The Prince at the southern Cerney autumn zone in Gloucestershire after making two parachute jumps in sooner or later in bespeak to obtain his wings as Colonel-in-Chief that the Parachute Regiment
The Prince of Wales - 1968 come 1978

He was invested as Prince the Wales through The Queen on 1st July 1969 in a colourful ceremony in ~ Caernarfon Castle. Before the investiture The Prince had spent a term in ~ the college College that Wales at Aberystwyth, learning to speak Welsh.On 11th February 1970, His royal Highness took his chair in the house of Lords.On 8th March 1971 The Prince flew himself to royal Air force (RAF) Cranwell in Lincolnshire, to train together a jet pilot. At his very own request, The Prince had actually received flying instruction from the RAF during his 2nd year in ~ Cambridge.In September 1971 after the passing the end parade in ~ Cranwell, The Prince carried out a navy career, adhering to in the footsteps the his father, grandfather and both his great-grandfathers.The six-week course at the royal Naval College, Dartmouth, was followed by organization on the guided missile destroyer HMS Norfolk and also two frigates.The Prince qualified as a helicopter pilot in 1974 before joining 845 Naval waiting Squadron, which activate from the Commando carrier HMS Hermes. On nine February 1976, The Prince take it command the the seaside minehunter HMS Bronington for his last nine month in the Navy.

baby Prince william sits in the lap the his father, the Prince that Wales as the Princess that Wales attracts his attention with a rattle in ~ Kensington palace
The Prince of Wales cut the birthday cake created him at a large party to celebrate his 40th date of birth
The Prince that Wales - 1978 come 1988

On 29th July 1981, The Prince that Wales married Lady Diana Spencer in St Paul"s Cathedral that became HRH The Princess that Wales.

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The Princess to be born on first July 1961, in ~ Park house on The Queen"s estate at Sandringham, Norfolk. She live there till the fatality in 1975 of her grandfather, the 7th Earl, once the household moved to the Spencer family seat at Althorp home in Northamptonshire.Lady Diana"s father, then Viscount Althorp and later the eighth Earl Spencer, had actually been an equerry to both George VI and The Queen. She maternal grandmother, Ruth, Lady Fermoy, was a nearby friend and lady in wait to The Queen Mother.The Prince and Princess the Wales had actually two sons: Prince William, born on 21st June 1982; and Prince Harry, born ~ above 15th September 1984.

The Prince and also Princess of Wales v sons Prince William and also Prince Harry, prepare for a cycling pilgrimage in Tresco during their vacation in the Scilly Isles, 1989