Forever well-known as Happy Days‘ lovely “nerd” Potsie Weber, Anson Williams has amassed a pretty amazing net worth v directing for television.

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Born Anson william Heimlich on September 25, 1949 in Los Angeles, California, the male we know as Anson Williams has numerous talents. He’s an actor, that course, but Happy job fans will recognize Anson is a brilliant singer, also – miscellaneous his Potsie personality would also become well-known for. Williams also received a golden Globe nomination for ideal Supporting Actor because that his job-related on the classic sitcom.

Later in life, however, he would certainly discover an additional talent: directing. Since his Happy Days, Williams has end up being a prestigious television director. His work can be seen in Melrose Place (1992-1999), Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990-2000), and also Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996-2003), in which that even appeared as Potsie for a dream sequence.

More recently, TV pan will recognize Anson Williams’ occupational through Disney’s Lizzie McGuire (2001-2004), alongside The secret Life that the American teens (2008-2013). He additionally returned to acting for a Happy Days-themed illustration of Boy Meets World.

All considered, Williams must’ve garnered himself a pretty hefty network worth, right? while it’s no as exceptional as his Happy Days co-star Ron Howard, that nothing come balk at.

Anson Williams’ current net worth sits at $1.8 million, according to Celebrity net Worth.

‘Happy Days’ Stars’ net Worth: who Ranks Highest?

When compared to other Happy work alum, though, Williams’ net worth walk seem to dwindle.

At the moment of his death, Mr. C’s lover Tom Bosley’s network worth satellite at $5 million, put him above Anson Williams. The net worth that matriarch actress Marion Ross,92, doubles this at $10 million currently.

Chachi’s own Scott Baio’s network worth sit at a similar $4 million.

Tragically, Cunningham sibling actress, Joanie’s Erin Moran, passed away in 2017 in ~ the young period of 56. In ~ the time, her net worth to be $50,000.

But Fonzie himself, Henry Winkler, hold a network worth $40 million ~ a long career in producing, directing, and continued acting.

And then Ron Howard, who would walk on to become one the the most celebrated directors and also producers of his generation. In kind, his own net worth sit at a impressive $200 million.

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In short: Howard bring away this challenge by a landslide. No surprises there!

As for Anson Williams himself, modern Happy Days fans room shocked to find out that his Potsie no originate on this standard sitcom. Instead, Potsie pertained to audiences first in 1972 as component of the television anthology present Love, American Style, which would inspire Happy Days.

In recent years, Anson Williams has slowed down his Hollywood work. His critical credited role came in Matthew Perry’s The Odd couple reboot as “Clayton” in 2016. Later that year, he would certainly be diagnosed through colon cancer, a fear he, thankfully, has because beaten.