Not even once! Phaedra Parks was on the genuine Housewives the Atlanta for 7 years and has never let her children watch an episode.

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“Never. That’s no child-appropriate,” Parks, 47, specifically told united state Weekly while promoting Coresight Research’s 10.10 purchase Festival, which takes ar on Sunday, October 10.

Parks share sons Ayden, 11, and Dylan, 8, through ex-husband Apollo Nida. “I nothing think it was developed for children and so i don’t understand if any kind of responsible parent allows their kid to watch those varieties of shows,” the Atlanta attorney continued. “I mean, there’s possibly six seventh graders, i don’t also know that. Probably high schoolers have the right to watch it, however I would never allow my children to clock the Housewives ’cause it’s also adult.”


Phaedra Parks through sons Dylan and also Ayden Nida. Courtesy of Phaedra Parks/Instagram

Parks to be a actors member top top the show from seasons 3 to 9 and departed in 2017 after her controversial exit. Fast forward 4 years later, RHOA fans room in for a surprise. As Us previously revealed, the reality star will be return to season 2 of the real Housewives mashup series on Peacock, which was filmed in September.

Despite not seeing their mother on TV, Parks’ boy — both of whom made appearances ~ above RHOA — still recognize that she’s famous.

“To it is in honest, ns think it’s second nature to them because … you know, of course, they to be both born ~ above television and also people view them,” Parks told Us. “At first they thought I just knew anyone in the world in the grocery store. They’re like, ‘Mom, just how do you recognize these people?’ … I’m an extremely cordial come anyone the usually approaches me. always witnessed it. Now, they establish like, ‘Oh, these civilization don’t understand you. They simply watch the TV show.’ therefore they watch my memes and, girlfriend know, their friends are like, ‘Oh my God, your mommy is famous!’ and also so, an extremely tickled by it.”

A few months ~ Season 13 of RHOA finished airing in May, both Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey announced they won’t be returning to the show. Parks mentioned to Us that she spoke to both housewives “a couple of work ago.”

“Nothing surprises me,” she stated of the news that Williams and also Bailey were leaving. Parks keeps in touch with all of her costars — other than one.


Keeping she friendships intact, Parks, who will do her exhilaration debut on Covenant (a four-part anthology series premiering on Allblk on Thursday, October 14), claims she “just spoke” to Nene Leakes, who is grieving the lose of she husband Gregg Leakes.

“This is a very challenging time and also so, if I deserve to make her laugh — and I try to send her funny stuff and tell her around funny stuff to do her laugh — and you know, this morning she to be laughing,” Parks shared. “So if she’s laughing, ns think i’m being a great friend come her due to the fact that she has plenty of moments where she is distraught and also in tears because losing Gregg was life-changing because that her. They’ve been with each other forever and he adored she so much. And so, ns think it is a once-in-a-lifetime form of love.”

Parks continued, “I’ve been very, very intentional through her during this time to make certain that she knows that I’m walking to support her and also anything she needs, I will make certain that i’m there for it … I simply know every job there will be a struggle and I don’t know just how long her grief will certainly last, but, i mean, it’s absolutely not an overnight process.”

In between making time for she friends and juggling occupational duties, the mother of 2 is busy at house with her third and 6th graders. On October 10, she’ll it is in participating in Coresight Research’s 10.10 to buy Festival, which contains exclusive deals and also discounts for consumer while also giving money to miscellaneous charities.

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“I’m excited to it is in shopping because that the holidays in advance,” she said. “I’m excited to acquire a head begin on holiday shopping because that my kids and also myself and also family and friends … but also very stoked about shopping because that a purpose and also being may be to have actually some of the money advantage organizations that i really love.”

Participating retailers and also brands will be donating a minimum the 5 percent that sales come partnering charities, consisting of the American love Association, delivering Good, nationwide Breast Cancer structure and St. Jude Children’s research Hospital.