Peter thomas Wiki

Peter cutting board is a Jamaican-American Entrepreneur and a truth Star Personality, renowned for showing up in ‘The genuine Housewives that Atlanta’ reality series alongside with Cynthia Bailey (ex-spouse). Recently, the RHOA star has actually been arrested in Miami because that Alleged examine fraud.

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According come the TMZ reports it is known that the authorities take it Thomas into custody in ~ Miami global Airport top top a warrant native Louisiana for allegedly composing fraudulent checks. After getting landed in Miami, he was taken into custody and also is being organized without bond. Native the local news outlet, it is well-known that he was heading to Miami because that a various nightclub opening. The 58-year-old Peter to be married come Cynthia Bailey (Bravo Star).


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Peter thomas Wife

The Jamaican-American Restaurateur was married come the Bravo star, Cynthia Bailey in 2010. The couples likewise share two kids named, Blaze Thomas and also Porsche. However, the married life did no last for lengthy until the pair determined to have actually a divorce in 2016. Currently, the entrepreneur is date the American rapper, Sina Bina because 2017.

Peter’s Ex-spouse, Bailey to be previously having a relationship with the American Actor, Leon Robinson prior to she acquired married come Peter. She has actually a daughter called Noelle Robinson from her previous relationship.

Peter thomas Career

Initially, Cynthia Bailey’s ex-spouse started his career functioning in various PR companies including a hip-hop music firm and also in artist monitoring Company. He got a pair of year of experience working at various firms and later he decided to begin his own venture by opened a restaurant.

Initially, he began with a solitary restaurant and also later he opened a chain that restaurants in lot of areas and expanded his service territory and additionally his wealth. Furthermore, he also appeared in the reality collection of “The actual Housewives of Atlanta’ and also gained a many popularity with the series.

Peter cutting board Family

Peter cutting board was born top top October 1, 1960, in Jamaica. The controversial restaurateur is stated to have completed his High college graduation. Since his young age, he want to be a businessman. However, there is no info available about his parents and also siblings on social media. Peter has actually kept his an individual information an extremely private and also away from the limelight.

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Peter cutting board Net worth

The approximated net precious of the reality Star, Peter is well-known to be roughly $ 5 million USD. However, with his fortune, he has actually been associated with a variety of controversies regarded issuing fraudulent checks which room still under investigation.