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How has actually your experience influenced your personal and experienced success? gave me the tools to succeed in life. It noted the perfect balance in between a safe and also nurturing environment, while also giving me the confidence that I deserve to take ~ above the world. Specifically traveling to Heidelberg and also spending a semester abroad was my an initial international experience and truly offered me the world. The scholastic rigor and also the personal connection to professors in ~ ready me in means I couldn"t yet appreciate as a student, however perfectly positioned me because that my career upon graduation.

Describe a task or accomplishment that you take into consideration to it is in the most far-reaching in her career:

Working because that President Ronald Reagan was the honor and opportunity of a lifetime. To have actually the privilege of sitting right exterior the office door of this iconic male for end a decade and also serve as his executive, management assistant left a lasting affect on me. The timeless leadership principles and also political civility which that embodied changed my life forever and has the power and also potential to adjust other lives for the far better still today.

Who or what inspires you? Tell united state why.

Excellence inspires me - and also passion because that living a life of purpose. People who room committed come what they perform – and committed to doing it well accumulate me. Ns admire those that constantly shot to improve and grow and try something new or find an improved way to execute something. I additionally admire those who space willing come share their knowledge with rather and help others along the way.

Are you wherein you assumed you would certainly be in life as soon as you were in college?

Although ns was increased to dream big, ns guess my dreams weren"t large enough because the world of history and politics and also presidents that i longed come be also a small component of, ns never might have imagined that i would have actually a front heat seat to. It"s difficult to think that an plain girl favor me could intersect paths with together an extraordinary man like Ronald Reagan – and also be for this reason closely associated to him for such a long duration of time.

In five words or fewer, what career or life advice would you give a brand-new college graduate?

Dream huge and job-related Hard.

What profession various other than your very own would you have liked come attempt?

Before I operated for chairman Reagan I functioned for Nordstrom and thoroughly took pleasure in my time there. Probably I would have actually stayed through that company. Tho ns may have missed mine true calling together a trauma or ER doctor. As the mommy of four I have actually seen lots of injuries and also situations requiring fast analysis, patience demeanor and also swift course of action. I thrive in the environment and also am clean headed under pressure and also have a stomach of steel. I"m certain I would have took pleasure in the rigors of that demanding job.

What 3 things could you no live without?

The "Sunday School" answer would certainly be faith, family, and also fulfilling work. However the true prize is more likely to it is in my iPhone, lipstick, and also caffeine!

How carry out you unplug?

Between to run my very own portfolio the business and also traveling because that speaking engagements i don"t unplug as regularly as i would prefer to, but when ns can, I gain spending time at home with my family or acquiring away together on vacation or visiting one exciting location together. Some of our finest memories have been make in the midst of a household trip – and usually the many memorable times are those times once things didn"t pan out specifically as planned!

Is there a particular quote, mantra, or philosophy that encourages you?

Two of my favourite Reagan quotes are:

"Live simply, love generously, treatment deeply, speak kindly, leaving the rest to God."

"Whatever else history may say around me when I"m gone, i hope the will document that i appealed come your finest hopes, not your worst fears; to her confidence rather than her doubts."

What would your autobiography or memoir it is in called?

In February the this year, a memoir of mine life working for chairman Reagan was published. The is entitled, "The chairman Will see You Now: my Stories and Lessons indigenous Ronald Reagan"s final Years," for this reason I will stick through that title.

What"s one idea girlfriend think could adjust the world?

Live as if your tradition depends on that - because it does. Your tradition is not something that is composed after you space gone yet is written through every day of your life.

What"s next for friend professionally?

The publication of my book this year has opened countless doors I never ever anticipated so ns am yes, really at a crossroads in my career currently. Ns will proceed to perform keynote speaking, publication signings, and consulting top top specialty projects, but additional doors continue to open for me in media, in the political arena, and also in writing.

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5 years ago I couldn"t have imagined mine life now, for this reason in five additional years ns hope to look ago with the very same sense that awe and gratitude.