Brittany Matthews Biography

Brittany Matthews is an American Businesswoman that is ideal known because that being the girl friend of Patrick Mahomes a skilled football player who is a quarterback because that the Kansas City Chiefs of the nationwide Football League.

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Brittany Matthews Education

Matthews attend Whitehouse High school in east Texas together with her friend Patrick Mahomes. She then visited the university of Texas in ~ Tyler and Patrick Mahomes saw Texas technology University.

Brittany Matthews Career

She is a recognized fitness trainer and also has founded her own personal training service called Brittany Lynne Fitness. She is a former professional soccer player and was so great at playing soccer in college.

“I didn’t even see myself playing college soccer once I i graduated high school,” Brittany previously told Tyler Morning Telegraph. “However, I finished up comes to UT Tyler to play soccer since it was close come home and I knew a couple of girls that played below that love it and also told me I need to join the family. So ns did, and also these last four years have made me fall in love v soccer anywhere again and also want to walk on and play professional soccer.

“Every coach ns have had actually at UT Tyler do a large impact on my love for this game and also my decision come play professional soccer. An opportunity opened up for me in Iceland and I can never happen up together an remarkable experience to go do what i love.”

She make headlines once tragedy win her family while they to be attending among Mahomes’ gamings at Arrowhead Stadium.


Brittany Matthews Photo

Brittany Matthews Age

Matthews is 25 year old as of 2020. She to be born on September 1, 1995, in Tyler, Texas, unified States. She celebrates her date of birth on the 1st of September every year.

Brittany Matthews Height

Matthews stands in ~ a elevation of 5 feet 9.5 inch (178 centimeter or 1.78 m) tall and also weighs about 52 Kg or 114 lbs.

Brittany Matthews Parents

Matthews is the daughter the Diana Massey and also Scott Matthews. She was elevated with the elder brother, Evan. She is an extremely close to she father and also often uploads images with that on Instagram.

Brittany Matthews Stepfather

Her stepfather, Paul Massey, died attending a Chiefs game on Nov. 11, 2018. He broke down outside the stadium during the pregame. Paramedics were called to the scene and also Massey was required to a regional hospital where he passed away.

Today is a day i will never forget! straight after this picture I sprinted to the front enntrance gate to watch my action dad pass out! he did no come ago from this and he was referred to as to heaven today! I recognize 100% the is therefore happy up there through his kids looking down on us cheering loud that his chiefs winner today! thank you anyone for the prayers and also sweet text! us will miss out on you Paul so So therefore Much! I will take treatment of mother for you!❤️??

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Patrick Mahomes to be told around Matthews’ stepfather’s death after the game and also skipped his postgame media access to be through Matthews and also her family members at the hospital.

“I didn’t know about it until after the game,” Mahomes told Yahoo Sports numerous days later. “Coach Reid in reality told me in the tunnel ~ the game and it to be shocking … He to be a an excellent man and also he was a great stepdad because that Brittany. She’s ago home currently with her mom and also her family. Ns still sending out my prayers come them.”

Brittany Matthews boyfriend / Brittany Matthews Patrick Mahomes

Matthews is in a relationship with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The two space high college sweethearts and also have been dating since they every attended Whitehouse High institution in eastern Texas.

Brittany Matthews Baby

Matthews and her friend Patrick Mahomes are expecting their first baby. Top top February 3, 2021, Mahomes claimed that their first child is due soon, despite he would favor the delivery happens ~ Super key XV top top Sunday, February 7.

They announced in September that they’re expecting a baby, and also then a month later, revealed the they’re having actually a baby girl.

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Brittany Matthews net Worth

Matthews has actually an estimated net precious of $1 million. Her boyfriend Patrick Mahomes has actually an estimated net precious of $30 million i m sorry he has actually earned through his career as an American soccer player.

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A few day i will never ever forget❤️ 2•2•20 – 2•5•20

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