Pamela Anderson has actually been accused of being a “home wrecker” after accused stealing her new man from one more woman and also breaking increase a happy household of five.

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The model and actress is accused of seducing handyman Dan Hayhurst — that she married ~ above Christmas night — if he operated on her building in the Canadian town of Ladysmith and was in a relationship with another woman.

On Wednesday the 53-year-old previous Baywatch star announced she had married her “bodyguard” Dan, 40, in what to be her 6th wedding, come her 5th husband, saying: “I’m specifically where I have to be — in the eight of a man who loves me.”

But Dan’s heartbroken ex Carey, who had been living with him and bringing increase his two children for the past 5 years, has actually told just how she to be blindsided by the affair and also knew nothing of their marital relationship until she read about it online.

She claimed the pair started getting close early last year — while she and also Dan to be still with each other — prior to he finally moved out of their mutual home and also into Pam’s in July.

Carey, 42, said: “This is no the lockdown love story i m sorry is being portrayed, it’s all a facade.

Dan Hayhurst’s ex Carey says they to be still together once he and also Pamela started their affair.

“I decided to speak out due to the fact that I want people to understand that my almost five-year relationship, with three youngsters involved, ended due to the fact that of the to work Pam and also Dan began while he to be still v me.

“It’s sad that world celebrate this and also cheer them on, as soon as it started with deceit, denials and life-shattering selections for all the people involved.

Pamela Anderson has actually been accused of gift a “home wrecker” by her new husband’s ex.Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Worm Turned

“It wasn’t this romance that occurred overnight. He functioned with her for over six months before any type of of that happened.

“He wasn’t she body-guard then, that is a handyman, she rental him to occupational on her house.

“We to be all completely blindsided by this, it’s to be so difficult for us. And it’s not just me and also the kids, too many of human being have to be hurt by them. Dan has actually lost friendships and also business relationships because of this.”

Mum-of-one Carey, from Vancouver Island, and also Dan, then a solitary dad, gained together after meeting on a date app, and she relocated in with him top top the mainland in Squamish, a town north of Vancouver, helping to bring up his two young children.

She cases the Baywatch star stole she man and also broke up a happy family of five.

The couple then relocated to Vancouver Island because that a fresh start around four year ago.

She said: “We did whatever together, like family vacations, household fishing trips, we operated on family projects together. The was always us.”

But their happy life to be to readjust forever after ~ Dan was taken on as a building contractor to renovate Pamela’s home, set in five acres in Ladysmith.

He started job-related there in early autumn 2019, shortly complaining to Carey around how “crazy” Pamela was and also how complicated and demanding she was to job-related for.

In one text common with The Sun, he wrote: “The dragon has been released! Talking about Pam.”

In January 2020, Pamela “married” film producer Jon Peters prior to splitting through him two weeks later, claiming that was never a actual wedding.

Dan was allegedly seduced by Pamela once he was hired to occupational on her house.Instagram

Carey said: “I would certainly say, ‘What space you doing? You require to get out of the job. It’s crazy’. There was the stunner stint when she married that man Jon Peters for two weeks.

“She had actually told every the building contractors she to be going to acquire married the job or so before, therefore then once I observed the news about it ns texted Dan.

“He replied back saying, ‘Hahaha he is older 보다 her dad, but I think our money problems are over’, which that meant since the man is rich.

“I assumed that was pretty ruthless of him. He really didn’t it seems ~ to acquire on v her at all.”

Carey claimed things started to change at the end of last March, through Dan spending much more and an ext time out of the house.

She continued: “The worm turned. Covid happened and it simply seemed to take place overnight.

“Dan would remain at her house and not come home, and here ns am taking treatment of the kids.

“At an initial he refuse it as soon as I confronted him yet then, finally, ns asked him, ‘Are you resting with Pam? that said, ‘All ns going come say is i’ve crossed the line’.


“At first he said, ‘I desire you to stay in our house. Ns don’t desire you to go. I simply need to number things out’.

“Later the apologised to me. He said, ‘Carey, ns love you. I don’t understand what is walk on best now. I’m no in my ideal head ideal now. I’m not in a great space’.

“He inquiry me to offer him time to figure things out so I simply let him execute what he to be doing.

“And there was no turning back by then. I had met Pam and also had unable to do to dinner v her. Mine daughter offered to occupational for her. Ns couldn’t believe it.”

Dan and also Pamela’s relationship ongoing to develop and also last July he moved out the the house he mutual with Carey and moved in with Pam.

One-sided Story

On Wednesday Pam said an interviewer she had been through Dan a year, adding: “This one year together has felt choose seven, prefer dog years.”

Carey relocated out of the shared home after Dan, and also it is at this time up because that sale.

She cases he and also Pam behave like teenagers, and said: “When that turned 40 critical year she bought that a boat.

“He’s smashed her auto three time now, and her boat twice. It’s a wade mess. Castle sit ~ above their residential property drinking — it’s favor the Dan and also Pam show.”

Pam cases she and also Dan had actually the blessing the all their family and also friends for their wedding, yet Carey problems this, saying: “No one was invite to the wedding.

“He texted his mum the night prior to the ceremony and also he said, ‘I’m acquiring married tomorrow, store this on the DL and also don’t say anything’.

“And she no reply. Like she obviously respected it due to the fact that it’s she son, yet she no invited. That doesn’t even seem favor a actual wedding. Whatever looks therefore controlled.”

She added: “He deserve to be really manipulative therefore in a sense they are created each other, however I don’t check out this lasting. I’d be very surprised.

“Dan and I never acquired married because I don’t ever want to.

“To me it’s nothing, the a piece of file and it reasons problems when you desire to obtain out of it.

“And he had actually told me, ‘I’ll never get married again’. And then right here we are, 6 or eight months or everything the hell lock are right into their relationship and also they’re married.

“I just think, ‘Wow, who space you? who is the male I was v for 5 years?’ no one of this provides sense.”

Carey’s daughter Denise, 21, who functioned as a labourer at Pam’s home, called The sunlight of learning Dan’s relationship: “I was shocked when I learned about it.

“I simply thought, ‘How can this even be a thing?’ I’m right here working through them full-time and also I had no idea.

“And the truth that he had a family, us were a blended family, he has two young kids and obviously she’s quite a lot older.


“What to be his assumed process? What to be going ~ above in his mind?

“I to be so shocked. The something so unreal, prefer something straight out the the movies. I can’t think it. Everyone thinks that this lockdown love story and also nobody knows that there to be an affair and there’s this household involved.

“And i think the hardest component is that civilization are being fed this one-sided assimilated story when in fact there’s for this reason much much more to it.

“It’s damaged a most people’s lives. It’s been really an overwhelming for mine mum.

“She totally stepped up and also was a full time mum come those kids. The been difficult to watch her go with that.

“There was no stormy patch or things being negative at home, points were completely normal throughout the entire thing until this happened.

“Pam doesn’t have the ideal marriage monitor record, that’s for sure. So once Covid is over and she deserve to go back to travelling and whatnot, ns really don’t view it working.”

How she got to hubby 5

Pamela married husband Tommy Lee in 1995.Getty Images

PAM married wild rocker Tommy in 1995 after understanding him for simply 96 hours and had two children with him, Brandon and Dylan.

The pair split ~ the Motley Crue drummer assaulted her and also spent 6 months in jail. They divorce in 1998 but briefly reunited in 2008 prior to finally calling that quits again.

Her 2nd marriage to child Rock just lasted one year.REUTERS/Mike Cassese/Files

She got engaged to the rapper and musician in 2002 but they later on went their separate ways. But after getting earlier together lock married in 2006.

They separation later the year. Pam experienced a miscarriage if the pair to be married and they divorced quickly afterwards, citing “irreconcilable differences”.

Husband number three Rick Saloman married Pam in 2007.Photo by David M. Benett/Getty pictures for The Pamela Anderson Foundation

IN 2007 Pam and also professional poker player Rick acquired married in ~ The Mirage hotel and also casino in ras Vegas, however divorced simply ten weeks later, citing the normal “irreconcilable differences” and the marital relationship was later officially annulled. Lock remarried in 2014 yet got divorced for a second time in 2015.

Her most recent husband is Jon Peters — the couple slit after 12 job of marriage.AP

Pam very first dated the film producer an ext than 30 years earlier and they supposedly tied the knot in a an enig ceremony in January 2020.

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They break-up after 12 days and also the actress later asserted in one Instagram caption they to be “never legally married” and also it was just a “bizarre theatrical lunch”.