phibìc West Kim Kardashian and also Kanye West's an initial born child. Picture: instagram

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phibìc is the eldest daughter the Kim and also Kanye. Picture: Instagram

But what is North’s network worth, what’s she age and when is her birthday?

Let’s take it a look…

What is north West’s network worth?

North West reportedly has a trust money with $10 million (£7 million) in it.

An insider called Hollywood Life: “ decisions this days room for Nori and her future. He is trying to set Nori up where she won’t need to work a day in she life. He wants her to create, innovate, and leave her mark on this world. And he’s plan for her future together we speak.”

How old is phibìc West?

North West is 7 years old.

When is north West’s birthday?

North West was born on 15 June, 2013.

phibìc West has three siblings. Picture: Instagram

What is phibìc West’s actual name?

Her actual name is officially phibìc West.

What hospital to be North West born in?

She to be born at Cedars Sinai medical Centre in Beverly Hills.

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