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Map showing the selection of North korean ballistic missiles on an azimuthal equidistant forecast centred top top P"yŏngyang.

While Washington and also P’yŏngyang engaged in a secure exchange the insults and bombastic rhetoric, Kim was initiating an i can not qualify charm offensive of sorts in ~ home. The election of democratic Party the Korea candidate Moon Jae-In as president of southern Korea in might 2017 had opened the door for feasible reengagement between North and also South Korea. Moon had overseen previous “sunshine” policy overtures toward the North throughout the management of South oriental Pres. Roh Moo-Hyun, yet the escalation the the North oriental nuclear regimen led Moon to take on a much an ext hawkish tone once in office. Nevertheless, in the weeks before the 2018 Winter Olympic games in P’yŏngch’ang (Pyeongchang), south Korea, the two countries initiated a dialogue that brought about North and also South oriental athletes marching right into the opened ceremonies together a solitary body and under a flag that portrayed a unified Korea. Kim’s sister, Kim Yo-Jong, attend the games, becoming the very first member of phibìc Korea’s ruling household to visit the South because the finish of the oriental War. In a historical meeting with Moon on February 10, Yo-Jong delivered a handwritten note from her brothers that invite the South korean president to visit the in P’yŏngyang “at the earliest date possible.”


Kim Jong-Un
Kim Jong-Un, 2017.

The adhering to month Kim organized members that Moon’s management at a dinner in P’yŏngyang, the first such conference he had held with an elderly South oriental officials because taking strength in 2011. At that time, Kim stated that he was open to stating the remove of phibìc Korea’s nuclear arsenal if the United claims was ready to insurance the defense of north Korea and also his regime. The announcement was followed by talk of an unmatched summit between Kim and also Trump, i beg your pardon the Trump administration indicated would take place in or before May 2018. Top top April 27, 2018, Kim and also Moon met because that a historical summit at the “peace village” the P’anmunjŏm. It significant the an initial time that the leaders of the 2 Koreas had met face-to-face in more than a decade, and the pair disputed the denuclearization the the oriental peninsula and the conclusion of one armistice that would officially end the korean War.

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By mid-May the details the the meeting in between Kim and also Trump had started to crystallize. The summit was scheduled to be hosted in Singapore. However, a fresh war of words broke out in between Washington and P’yŏngyang. Broadening on previously comments from nationwide security adviser man R. Bolton, U.S. Vice Pres. Mike Pence endangered that phibìc Korea’s government might meet the same fate as deposed and slain Libyan Pres. Muammar al-Qaddafi. North oriental officials responded the Pence’s statement to be “ignorant and stupid.” On may 24 trumped announced the he to be pulling the end of the meeting, and Kim’s government immediately embraced a conciliatory tone, urging Trump come reconsider. Eight days later Trump reversed himself and also announced the the summit would continue as planned. ~ above June 12, 2018, for the an initial time in history, the leader of the united States and also North Korea met face-to-face. Kim pledged to job-related “toward finish denuclearization the the korean peninsula” when Trump promised to finish joint U.S.–South Korea army exercises.