The Young and also the Restless star Melody cutting board Scott has played Nikki Newman because that years ~ above the show, coming to be one the the many notable figures in all of daytime television. In a brand-new interview, Scott looked back at she time on the show, consisting of the fact that she to be a recast.

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Melody thomas Scott | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Melody thomas Scott dram Nikki Newman on ‘The Young and also the Restless’

Scott debuted together the personality of Nicole “Nikki” Reed Newman on The Young and the Restless in 1979. She to be the second actress come portray the character. Scottt come after Erica Hope, who was in the role for a short duration of time indigenous 1978 come 1979.

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Nikki is one iconic character on the display known for many things, but she is definitely ideal known because that being one-half of a supercouple with Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). Nikki’s as whole story arc is thought to be one of the ideal in soaps, together the personality going from a prostitute come a significant businesswoman in Genoa City.

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Melody cutting board Scott on gift an ’emergency recast’ as Nikki

In a interview v Soap Opera Digest, Scott revisited all of the year she’s play Nikki and some of her fondest memories.

“My begin at Y&R was such a whirlwind,” she said. “I was an emergency recast and also the procedure happened really quickly. The show was only 30 minutes earlier then, so we shot it as if it to be live, however on tape. I have such fond memory of those times and of forming relationships with several of the cast and crew that have lasted a lifetime.”

Melody cutting board Scott on memories of playing Nikki and about her on-screen kids

On stated memories, Scott talked around her favourite thing about playing Nikki, and some the her favourite co-stars. “Playing Nikki changed my life in methods I might never have actually imagined,” she said. “She and Y&R have given me a home and a 2nd family for 42 years, and the opportunity to execute what i love ~ above a regular, consistent basis, i m sorry is one actor’s dream.”

Scott likewise talked about some of her favorite fellow actors members, such as Amelia Heinle and also Joshua Morrow, who play she on-screen children, Victoria and also Nicholas. “I remember once he very first joined the show. He was just twenty years old and also still life at home,” she said of Morrow. “Such a baby! the is currently a husband, a father and such an integral component of Y&R. I have loved him due to the fact that that first day. I’m so proud that the work-related he has actually done on the show and also the guy he has actually become.”

The actress recalled the an initial time that Heinle was Victoria on set and claimed that she remembered wherein the set was standing.

“At the time, Victoria was living in Florence, Italy, and also Victor and Nikki pertained to visit her,” she explained. “She radiates a warmth that is intoxicating, which easily endeared her to her brand-new Newman family. We’ve play mother and daughter because that so long that it’s hard not to look at she as one of my real-life daughters.”