Full NameBrianna Monique Danielson
Age37 Years
ResidenceSeattle, Washington
Net Worth$12 Million
Source the IncomeEntrepreneur, Movies and also TV Actor
EndorsementsBelle Radici
CharityWigs because that Kids
Marital StatusMarried come Bryan Lloyd Danielson (2014-Present)

Brianna Monique Danielson or together we popularly know her, Brie Bella is one American retired professional wrestler. She was signed come WWE under the ring surname Brie Bella. She retired on in march 11, 2019. On WWE, she appeared frequently v her pair sister Nikki Bella together The Bella Twins. Brie Bella is a one-time WWE Divas Champion.

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Brie Bella network Worth 2021

Brie was born on November 21st, 1983. Together of today, Brie Bella"s network Worth is estimated to be roughly $12 million. It"s a remarkable achievement considering the fact that Brie is simply 37 years old. Many of Brie Bella"s network Worth have the right to be deadline to her endeavors through WWE. She was one of the many successful and accomplished Divas at WWE. At this time retired, she has been running her "family business" with her twin sister Nikki Bella.

Brie Bella Investments

Brie retired from experienced wrestling on in march 11th, 2019. Also after retiring native the wrestling phase of her career, Brie proceeds to be a successful actor, model and entrepreneur. Bella is the star that E!"s hit truth shows total Bellas and also Total Divas. In addition to her sister Nikki, Brie is the proud owner of their brand with their Birdiebee apparel line and Belle Radici Wine.

The Bella Twins

Brie debuted because that WWE in 2007. She together with her twin sister Nikki Bella formed the deadly tags team duo, and also were recognized as the Bella Twins. After ~ both Nikki and Brie retirement from rings the Bella Twins continued their business man ventures v their very own brand the Birdiebee apparel line and also Belle Radici Wine.

Brie Bella Husband

Brie Bella acquired married to Bryan Lloyd Danielson in 2014. Daniel Bryan is a professional wrestler at this time signed come WWE, under the SmackDown brand. Daniel is not just a legend WWE superstar yet one of the most very valued one because that all. End the years, WWE has realised the potential the Daniel Bryan and also this has been reflect in his valuation together a WWE superstar. Daniel Bryan is a four-time WWE Champion. Daniel Bryan net Worth is about $8 million. Together, the couple have a network Worth of about $15 millions.

Brie Bella Daughter

Brie Bella and also Daniel Bryan have actually a daughter together. She is called Birdie Joe Danielson. Birdie to be born on may 9th, 2017. Brie Bella articles a lot of of pictures with she cute daughter Birdie online.

Brie Bella House

We got a emergence at Daniel Bryan and also Brie Bella"s home on their show “Total Divas”. They have actually been married for about four years, and also they have a sweet baby girl together called Birdie. They live in Seattle, Washington. Brie calls your home, the "Forever home". In a video posted to The Bella Twins‘ YouTube channel, we obtained an exclusive tour of their home from Brie and also Daniel themselves.

Bella pair Wine

The Bella Twins additionally have their very own line of wine referred to as the Belle Radici.

"IN ITALIAN, BELLE RADICI method BEAUTIFUL ROOTS. And also THE roots OF THIS diverse TEAM of WINE specialists RUN DEEP. NIKKI & BRIE BELLA’S farming YOUTH. RYAN HILL’S FAMILY history IN FARMING. TIM boy name & note WIEGARD’S root IN DESIGN and also CREATIVITY. As A GROUP, THIS TEAM do BELLE RADICI, A WINE created TO memory OUR collective LOVE that THE EARTH."

*taken from - Belle Radici"s official website

Brie Bella Movies

Apart from gift a effective and achieved wrestler, Brie bella is also a very prominent actor and TV personality. She exploits together an actor and model certain account because that a details percentage that Brie Bella"s net Worth.


2014Confessions that a WomanizerSally
2015The Flintstones & WWE: rock Age SmackDown!Brie Boulder; voice performances

TV Shows

2002/2003Meet mine Folks
2011Clash Time
2012Clash Time
2013–presentTotal Divas
2016E! Countdown come the Red Carpet
2016–presentTotal Bellas
2018Drop the Mic
2018Miz & Mrs.

People also Ask

Who is larger - Nikki Bella or Brie Bella?

Nikki Bella is enlarge one amongst The Bella twins by 16 minutes.

How old is Nikki Bella and Brie Bella?

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella, popularly known as The Bella Twins, room 37 year old.

Is Daniel Byran tho married to Brie Bella?

Yes, Daniel Bryan and also Brie Bella has actually been married because April, 2014.

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What are the Bella Twins network worth?

Brie Bella and Nikki Bella have actually an estimated linked net precious of $12 Million. 

Are Nikki Bella and also Brie Bella identical twins?

Brie Bella and her sisters Nikki Bella are almost identical twins. They also used the to carry out themselves a leverage in numerous of your WWE matches.