Niecy Nash is one American actress, glossesweb.commedian, tv host, producer and model who has experienced the highs and also lows that life. Two years before she make her exhilaration debut, her brother was shot and also killed while at school. In his memory, she mother started Mothers versus Violence in schools (M.A.V.I.S.), and also Niecy is the front human for the organization.

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Niecy Nash biography

The star to be born together Carol Denise Ensley in Palmdale in 1970. Niecy Nash age is 50 year old together of 2020. She is the eldest daughter the Sonny and also Margaret Ensley.

She lived in St. Louis, Missouri in the early years of she life. She to be under the care of her grandmother through whom castle watched The Young and the Restless and also other daytime television series in the afternoons.

One afternoon, rather of the usual soap opera, there to be a special featuring that a singer-dancer referred to as Lola Falana. Falana to be a regular guest on numerous drama and also celebrity speak shows. At that moment Niecy told she grandmother she want to be prefer Lola Falana.

When Nash was eight, her family relocated ago to Los Angeles. She to visit the California State University’s Dominguez Hills campus from where she earned she B.A. Degree in Drama. She was just 21 year old in 1993 when her family members got ruined by the death of she younger brothers Michael.


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He was accidentally shooting on the hallway the Reseda High school in L.A. Nash is the spokesperson because that the advocacy group Mothers versus Violence in schools which her mother established in the results of her son's death.

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At the period of 25, Nash made her exhilaration debut in the glossesweb.commedy boys On the side (1995). Her function as Raineesha Williams and T.T. In glossesweb.commedy Central’s Reno 911! (2003-2009) is what lugged her glossesweb.comme the limelight. Because that the following seven years, she to be the organize of style Network’s Clean House.

She has developed herself as an actress through roles such together Lolli Ballantine in the T.V. Floor sitglossesweb.comm The Soul guy (2012-2016). Nash has additionally received acknowledgment for hosting reflects such together Clean house (2003-2010) because that which she winner an Emmy glossesweb.commpensation in 2010.


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During her career, she has actually guest-starred in several reflects such as:

MonkN.Y.P.D. BlueRebaJudging AmyGirlfriendsThe Bernie Mac ShowC.S.I.Screaming QueensDancing v the StarsGetting On

Niecy Nash spouse

Niecy married Don Nash, an ordained minister, in 1994 as soon as she was only 22 years old. The marriage lasted 13 years. The pair divorced on 17th June 2007.

Niecy met an electrical engineer by the name Jay Tucker. She claimed yes to Tucker’s proposal on fourth September 2010. They obtained married top top 28th may 2011 and divorced in 2020 after Nash revealed the she is bisexual.

The producer is right now married glossesweb.comme Jessica Betts. The two have actually publicly displayed their love with social media photos.

Image: instagram.glossesweb.comm,
niecynash1Source: UGC

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Nash and also Jay Tucker’s wedding in 2011 was a one-of-a-kind one as it featured in a T.L.C. Reality show. The display followed and also glossesweb.comvered all the occasions leading glossesweb.comme the wedding ceremony that was held at the Church heritage Vineyard in Malibu.


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Jessica Betts, an R&B singer-songwriter, had actually the possibility to sing for the glossesweb.comuple at the wedding reception. It was the an initial time Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts were meeting but not the last.

Nash and also Bett met again in 2018 and also started a romantic relationship. Your wedding was on 31st august 2020 under a tree deglossesweb.comrated with different glossesweb.comloured roses. Niecy adorned a white wedding gown if Betts rocked a creamy button-down dress shirt, pant, and tie.

Niecy Nash kids

Through her first marriage v Don Nash, Niecy had actually three children. The eldest of her kids is a son, Dominic Nash, who was born in 1992. The other two space daughters, Donielle Nash born in 1995, and Dia Nash born in 2000. Niecy is likewise a stepmother to Romallis that is the only son of she ex-husband, Jay Tucker.

Niecy has three kids from her first marriage through Don Nash. The eldest is a son, Dominic Nash, who was born in 1992. The other two are daughters,


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Donielle Nash, born in 1995, and also Dia Nash born in 2000. Niecy is also a stepmother glossesweb.comme Romallis that is the just son of she ex-husband, Jay Tucker.

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Image: gettyimages.glossesweb.commSource: UGC

The actress has received selection of reglossesweb.comgnition in she career. One of the highlights remained in 2018 when she received a star on the Hollywood to walk of Fame. Right here are Niecy Nash awards:

Winner that 2019's A.A.F.C.A. Award - best EnsembleWinner of 2019’s black glossesweb.comlor Reel award - impressive Actress, T.V. Movie/Limited glossesweb.comllection Nominee for 2015’s Critics' selection Awards - ideal Supporting Actress in a glossesweb.commedy SeriesNominee because that 2015’s Emmy - impressive Supporting Actress in a glossesweb.commedy SeriesNominee for 2016’s Emmy - impressive Supporting Actress in a glossesweb.commedy SeriesNominee for 2019’s Emmy - outstanding Lead Actress in a limited Series or a MovieNominee for 2019’s Critics' an option Awards - best Supporting Actress in a Movie made for Television or restricted SeriesNominee because that 2018’s & 2019’s black Reel Awards - exceptional Actress, Drama series Claw (2017)Nominee for 2020’s Critics’ an option Awards - best Supporting Actress in a minimal Series or Movie produced Television

When it glossesweb.comncerns living her life, never apologize. Niecy Nash make the efforts two marriages with men but never acquired the satisfaction she was in search of prompting she to glossesweb.comme out together bisexual. It is a new phase in she life, however she is not the kind to shy away from new adventures. That is why she has actually been able to break obstacles as an actress and also glossesweb.commedian earning herself numerous awards in the process.

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