Nicki Minaj has actually a twin! and also no, it’s no some personification walking the streets and also performing in nightclubs favor Drake’s doppelganger in Miami. Unlike that situation, this young woman is actually regarded the Barbie Queen and has been recognized by Minaj herself. And comparable to the well known artist, she additionally makes music. Yet who is she?

Back in 2013, Nicki Minaj mutual a rare photo of she younger sister, Ming Maraj top top Instagram. Fans were immediately shocked at the uncanny resemblance between Nicki and her sister Ming and claimed that they looked choose twins.

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At the time, the rapper to be paying a birthday tribute to she sister top top January 7th, what she posted the photo with a caption:

“Happy birthday to mine lil sister Ming. Ns guess that Capricorn season or whatever,” she wrote.

It didn’t take lengthy for the comment ar to go bonkers after see the striking similarities between the 2 Maraj sisters:

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One fan created “You and also the sis twins