Nicki Minaj’s older brother, Jelani Maraj, was sentenced to 25 year to life in prison after being convicted of sex-related assault and also endangering the welfare the a child, because that the rape of his young stepdaughter.

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Jelani Maraj, 41, the older brothers of Nicki Minaj, has been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for repetitively raping his stepdaughter, who was just 11 year old once the abuse began, according to the Nassau county DA. Maraj’s decision comes two years after gift convicted on dues of predatory sexual assault and acting in a way injurious to a boy for the abuse that began in 2015.The Nassau County district Attorney told in a statement: “Judge Robert McDonald sentenced Jelani Maraj come 25 year to life in jail this morning. The Nassau County district Attorney’s office sought the maximum sentence of 25 years to life in prison.

1. He was convicted in 2017 of sexually abusing his former stepdaughter, once she was just a child. The brave 13-year-old, who continues to be unnamed, took the stand and detailed what Maraj go to her for years prior to getting caught. While still married to she mother, Maraj, follow to the child, continuously raped and also sodomized her starting in April 2015. “It was a Saturday morning,” she said during her terrible testimony. “I had went come him to go say ‘Good morning.’ I had hugged him as usual. I checked out go lie next to him together I typically do. When I go that, the told me to walk close the door. He told me come take off my pants. Then he called me to come under the covers v him and he started caressing me… us would have actually sex in his bedroom, in mine bedroom, in the basement.”

2. He endangered the victim and her brothers if castle told anyone about the abuse. Maraj told the children that he would take lock from their mother have them “sent away,” follow to the victim’s testimony. Her then-eight-year-old brother walked in on Maraj abusing her, she claimed at the trial, and heartbreakingly had to tell the to remain quiet.

3. Nicki did no testify at her brother’s trial, despite reports the she would. Though Maraj’s defense team said the “Anaconda” rapper would certainly testify on she brother’s behalf at his psychological in lengthy Island, new York, that never ever happened. Throughout opening debates at Maraj’s psychological in October 2017, his attorney, David Schwartz told jurors that Maraj’s then wife allegedly forced the victim and her young brother, her children, to lie around the sex-related abuse come extort the rapper for $25 million. Nicki go visit her brother in prison once, to accompany your mother, Carol.

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4. He thrived up in the Caribbean. Nicki and also her brothers were born in Trinidad and also Tobago, yet their father had an seeks to drugs and also alcohol, and also a violent temper. So when he burned their home down in 1987, the siblings went to live with their grandm in Saint James in their residence country, when their mom headed to new York City. The siblings relocated to emperors to live v their mother when Maraj to be 10.

5. He will certainly be appeal his conviction. Maraj’s lawyer, David Shwartz, called Pitchfork in a statement, that, “We will certainly be appealing this too much sentence. There to be clear juror misconduct among other issues.” he did not sophisticated on the misconduct and also “issues.”