He's currently a father many times over, but Nick Cannon's number of offspring keeps increasing. DJ Abby De La Rosa's birth notice revealed Nick ended up being the dad of a set of twins in June 2021. Later that very same month, Nick welcomed another child with his many recent girlfriend, model Alyssa Scott. Naturally, countless wanted to know exactly how many youngsters Nick has actually in total.

For those maintaining track, Nick has actually fathered seven children.

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He has actually 10-year-old pair Moroccan and Monroe through his ex-wife Mariah Carey.

Additionally, Nick has two youngsters with Brittany Bell: 4-year-old son gold and a daughter named powerful Queen, that was born in December 2020.

Zion and also Zillion, his children with Abby De La Rosa, space Nick's second set that twins. They to be born ~ above June 14, 2021.


Nick also announced he was expecting v his current girlfriend Alyssa Scott in a maternity photoshoot top top Father's day in 2021. TMZ evidenced that Nick's seventh child, called Zen Cannon, to be born ~ above June 23, 2021, a little over a main after his most recent collection of twins to be born.

Alyssa additionally posted to Instagram come ring in the news herself on July 4, through the super-sweet caption: "I will certainly love you because that eternity 6•23•21."

Tragically, Nick announced in December of that same year the Zen had passed away at only 5 months of age. Nick mutual on his self-titled talk present that Zen had been diagnosed v hydrocephalus and a malignant mind tumor and also that his health had actually taken a turn for the worse over Thanksgiving weekend before his passing in early December.

He walk on to praise Alyssa for being an incredible mom to Zen during this very daunting time. For her part, Alyssa has actually remained reasonably private around the loss of she son, despite she has shared several poignant photos the Zen on social media.

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Abby officially shown that Nick was the dad of she babies as soon as she post photos indigenous a maternity shoot that featured the 2 of lock together.

"Our dearest boy — my miracle babies, give thanks to you for selecting me to be her Mommy," she created at the time in a post that has actually now been deleted. "I know the Lord has destined me and prepared me for the gift of no one yet two small angels."

"I pray the God gives you both the toughness to go brave and boldly in her individual truth as with your Daddy," she continued. "That God bless you and also your brother and also guide you right into living out your full purpose."

She finish the article by saying that both she and Nick would always be there because that them.

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