Naomi is the an initial ever African-American woman to success the Smackdown Women’s Championship. Checkout Naomi network worth, personal life, salary and more.

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NameTrinity McCray
OccupationProfessional Wrestler
Other resources of IncomeDancing
Net Worth$500,000
ResidencePensacola, Florida
Marital StatusMarried
Last Updated2021

The WWE cosmos recognizes Trinity Fatu McCray as Naomi. She is an American expert wrestler and dancer. Naomi at this time performs ~ above WWE Smackdown and also is greatly seen performing because that the tags Team division.

Naomi’s career

Naomi to be the an initial American-African Smackdown Women’s Champion

Naomi signed through WWE in 2009, and also was sent to the developmental territory – Florida Championship rings (FCW). She became the inaugural FCW Divas’ Championship. Naomi climate performed in the third season that NXT and also came second.

She do her main roster debut in 2012 and also since 2013 she has become one the the main actors members that WWE’s fact TV series – complete Divas. Naomi became the very first ever African-American mrs to win the Smackdown Women’s Champion in 2017.

Unfortunately, she had actually to relinquish the title due to an injury. However successfully regulated to victory the location again a pair of months later on at Wrestlemania 33. She was additionally the inaugural winner that the Wrestlemania Women’s fight Royal.

Naomi network worth 2021


Naomi net worth, together of 2021, is approximated to be $500,000. As per she WWE contract, she earns a simple salary of $125,000. In to compare to other WWE Superstars, Naomi’s value is fairly low because of her absence from WWE TV because that a long duration of time. She has been earlier on WWE only because the last couple of months.

Naomi’s an individual life

Naomi and also Jimmy Uso

Naomi is married to other WWE Superstar Jimmy Uso aka Jonathan Fatu. She is at this time the step-mother the Jimmy’s two children.

Q. What is the value of Naomi?

Naomi earns a straightforward salary of $125,000 from she WWE contract, and also has a network worth the $500,000.

Q. Is Naomi married?

Naomi is married come WWE Superstar Jimmy Uso.

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Q. What is Naomi’s real name?

Naomi’s genuine name is Trinity McCray.

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