Frank Fritz is one American antique collector, fact TV present host, businessman, and also author. That is famed for hosting the American Pickers present alongside his friend and also business companion Mike Wolfe on history Channel.


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How old is open minded Fritz?

Frank Fritz period is 55 year old as of 2021. He was born on October 11, 1965.

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How tall is frank Fritz?

He is 5 feet 4 inch tall.

Educational background

He attended high school but did not take his education and learning further to the university level.

Career summary

Fritz operated in Iowa together a fire and also safety inspector for plenty of years prior to giving it increase to completely follow his enthusiasm for finding treasures in antiques and vintage items.

After the bought one item because that $15 and sold it for $475, he realized he might make a life from such trade.

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz attend the cool opening that the background Pop Shop at background Pop Shop top top December 6, 2010 in new York City. Photo: Charles Eshelman/FilmMagicSource: Getty Images

He established the neck Archeology shop in Le Claire, Iowa, v his friend and business partner Mike Wolfe. Fritz and also Wolfe have travelled to end 200 urban in the USA, collecting and refurbishing antiques and also vintage items and also selling them.


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A business breakthrough come for the service partners in 2010 once they started to co-host background Channel's reality series American Pickers.

The co-presenters travel about the nation looking for vintage and rare items to refurbish and sell. The present has high ratings and has come to be one of the most renowned shows ~ above the background channel.

American Pickers has actually aired for 21 seasons and also over 300 episodes. American Pickers has reportedly made the service of finding and selling antiques much more popular among many of its viewers.

Fritz has likewise appeared in other television shows consisting of Rachael Ray, American Restoration, Late present with David Letterman, Pawn Stars, etc. In 2017, the voiced a character in an episode of American Dad!

The renowned TV personality is additionally an writer - he created a publication titled just how To pick Vintage Motorcycles.

Is open minded Fritz leave American Pickers?

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Frank is not leaving the American Pickers show, return Coronavirus restrictions have actually caused Frank and Mike Wolfe to no be seen with each other as often as they used to. The restrictions have actually also impacted the filming of your show.

What is open minded Fritz network worth?

He has actually an approximated net worth of roughly $4 million.

Frank Fritz value per illustration is $10,000, and also he earns about $500 000 per season.

Is American Picker open minded Fritz married?

The reality show star is no married, but he has been in a severe relationship due to the fact that at least 2015. Frank Fritz girlfriend is a woman called Diane.

The pair have been together because at the very least 2015, and also they space still walk strong. It is not clear if Diane will become Frank Fritz mam anytime soon.

Frank does no have any children that his own. The lady that most people assume to it is in Frank Fritz daughter is Diane's daughter named Paige.


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Diane additionally has a grandchild with her daughter, and also Fritz when posted a photo of Paige's baby girl on society media referring to her together his granddaughter.

What taken place to open minded on American Pickers?

Fans of the TV moderator have had various factors to be worried about him, from his load loss, injury, come his fatality hoax.

Some year ago, between seasons 8 and 9 that American Pickers, frank Fritz weight loss ended up being a worrisome issue among his fans and also a subject of speculations and also rumours after the moderator lost far-reaching weight.

The American Pickers star handle the speculations about his health through a statement he post on Facebook.

In the statement, the made it clear that he had actually had Crohn's disease for three decades. He proclaimed that he had actually been exercising and eating well and also thanked anyone for your support.


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I started shedding weight and also ran v it! I have been exercising and also eating good.

He additionally explained additional that living through Crohn's is hard, yet he had learned come live with the symptoms, specifically having to go to the bathroom frequently and also speedily.

Talking around working v his castmates and crew while having actually Crohn's disease, he said,

My entire crew knows around my Crohn's. They understand it once I need a break. I average ... If I need to go, I need to go!

In a 2011 interview through Quad-City Times, Fritz declared his desire to develop awareness for the an illness and to show people that they deserve to live a abundant life regardless of the adversities, society situations, awkwardness, or accidents.

Frank Fritz fatality hoax

The hold took some time far from his present for at some time after gaining in trouble through the legislation on July 30, 2017.

Frank Fritz photographed with among his antique motorbikes. Photo: candid Fritz indigenous American PickersSource: Facebook

A member the the American Pickers' team pass away roughly the time Fritz to be away native the show, which resulted in the rumour the he had died. The show's crewmate who passed away to be Staunton's Al Morkunas.

Frank Fritz tattoos

The reality present personality has tattoos on different parts of his body. His most noticeable tattoos space the ones the cover his full arms.

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Social media account

Frank Fritz is a reality TV host who has made a name and fortune for self by collecting vintage items. His life is inspiring because, in spite of living with a an illness whose symptoms have the right to be severe and also embarrassing, that is living a successful life.

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