A few months ago I composed an short article on the Portland follow Blazers having actually the worst announcers in the NBA. Well an excellent news for Blazers fans, the tandem that Mike Rice and Mike Barrett have actually been downgraded to the second worse announcers in the NBA.

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So who takes over together the worst announcers in the league? Well, the answer is Tommy Heinsohn and Mike Gorman.

Heinsohn and Gorman have taken the level that "homer" come the extreme. For example in tonight"s Boston Celtics vs Chicago Playoff Game, Heinsohn to be talking about how that "hates" Brad Miller, since according come Heinsohn Miller"s a big baby. So basically what he"s speak is the can"t was standing the fact that müller complains to the officials.

He likewise had the nerve to carry up how the Bulls, apparently, proved a snapshot of Rajon Rondo"s foul cursed on Miller come motivate the to win game Six, reportedly it meant the Bulls were going to end up being "head hunters."

Yet, the funny thing about Heinsohn"s complaining around Miller is the the Celtics have two whiners on their team in valley Davis also known as "Big Baby" and Kendrick Perkins. On peak of the Perkins is the one who"s constantly gaining technicals for complaining come the officials?

So, mr Heinsohn where"s your hate for Perkins and Davis? Wasn"t that Davis crying ~ above the bench because Kevin Garnett allow Davis have it?


I personally think that no announcer, nevertheless if they execute not favor a player, need to not be able to go the end on the air and also say they dislike a specific player. It"s no right and it"s not professional at all.

Whether Heinsohn was being sarcastic when he declared that that hated miller doesn"t matter, in truth it"s juvenile.

So, over there you have it Blazer pan there"s a tandem that announcers that make Rice and Barrett tolerable. At least when an official makes a call there"s a little whining and then moving on.

Unlike the Celtics announcers who invest the following 10 minute complaining around the call. Luckily for me at fifty percent time ns switched end to TNT whereby there"s much superior announcers and the "homer" announcers disappear.

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