CHARLOTTE Pence shortcut is the second child and eldest daughter of Vice president Mike Pence and his longtime wife Karen.

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But that is she and also what walk she do?


Charlotte is a published writer of children's books.

She has also written where You Go: Life great From mine Father, i m sorry is a story of Mike said from her perspective.

She is also known for her collection of Marlon Bundo books.

She has uncovered an interest in speak at anti-abortion and also anti-LGBTQ+ groups.

Charlotte has operated as a documentary filmmaker, consisting of the job For The Records and also Fleeced.

Charlotte has actually an larger brother, Jason, and younger sister Audrey.


The Pence household from left come right: Audrey, Mike, Charlotte and Karen

Is Charlotte Pence bond married?

In July 2019, Charlotte recorded her engagement on she Instagram web page to Henry Bond.

According come USA Today, she was presented to Bond v her brother, Michael, a pilot in the marine Corps who shared a scriptures studies course with Bond once both were in flight school training in Mississippi.

Earlier in 2020, the 27-year-old take it a rest from gift a student at Harvard Divinity institution to gain married.

During that time she moved to California part 200 miles north the Los Angeles v her husband.


Charlotte through her hare Marlon Bundo

What publications has Charlotte Pence bond written?

Charlotte has actually written a popular collection of children's books around her pet rabbit Marlon Bundo.

She write the publications with she mother, the 2nd lady Karen, who additionally illustrated the scene of Bundo's life in watercolors.

Titles include Marlon Bundo's day in the Nation's Capital, Marlon Bundo's finest Christmas Ever and Marlon Bundo's A job in the Life that the angry President.


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Why did Charlotte contact her hare Marlon Bundo?

The rabbit's name is a pun on gibbs Marlon Brando.

It was favored after Bundo's previous owner that said: "Make me one offer" once Pence asked around his price.

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Brando is well-known for his "I'm gonna make him an sell he can't refuse" heat from The Godfather.

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