Not as lot is known around the children of Vice president Mike Pence and also his wife Karen together say, the trump card children. Charlotte Pence-Bond is the many public the the 3 Pence kids, and also counts a budding career penning a tribute to she father amongst her accomplishments. Meanwhile, Charlotte"s sister Audrey stays a comparatively quiet life far from interview questions about her famous family — although, she has admitted to having actually liberal politics views in spite of her father being a steadfast conservative.

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As for their brother Michael Jr., the is a marine officer who also walks the route of modesty in the general public eye, like a life the military organization over having actually a foothold in politics. The Pence kids have accompanied your parents top top the campaign trail, so we"ve definitely captured glimpses of them, which may have had actually you wondering what they room actually like. Well, here"s what we know.

The middle daughter the Mike and also Karen Pence is Charlotte, a self-described political moderate, who newly married marine Lt. Henry Bond in ~ the United says Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland follow to Today. Interestingly, it was Charlotte"s brothers Michael who presented the two in 2017 — he knew shortcut from trip training school.

Meanwhile, gift the daughter the the Vice president comes v pros and also cons for the brand-new Mrs. Bond. "If they understand who my dad is, have a late of me," Pence-Bond told CNBC about others" opinions that her. Still, the 27-year-old has actually her father to give thanks to for encouraging her to follow her dream of ending up being a writer, something she expressed together young together the period of 7. She is currently a released author, having written Where you Go: Life lessons from mine Father, i beg your pardon is a biography of Mike Pence said from she perspective. Follow to Town & Country, Pence-Bond is also the writer of 2 children"s titles.

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Unlike older sister Charlotte, Audrey doesn"t have a windy Instagram account and not too much is known about the 25-year-old. Us do understand she recently got involved to her college friend Daniel Tomanelli — the 2 met in ~ Northeastern, according to the Boston Globe. The outlet reports Audrey currently attends Yale law school. Tragically, we additionally learned a very sad detail about her future husband: A few years ago, Tomanelli was injured in a aircraft crash the took the life of his father. 

In a society media write-up that has actually now to be removed, Charlotte shared her thoughts about her little sister"s engagement come Tomanelli, writing, "Dan, you"ve been through so many milestones v our family already and i can"t wait to have you approximately for every one come come. Congratulations, supervisor excited to have you join our family" (via The Washington Post).

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The eldest Pence child, Michael Pence Jr., is a second lieutenant in the maritime Corps. He likewise keeps the end of the spotlight choose his youngest sister. Michael was married in 2016 to his mam Sarah follow to Bustle, and even that milestone took ar without any type of public fanfare. The VP stated at the time around the wedding that it would be a "small, little, intimate ceremony simply for immediate family." also when he was among seven graduates to obtain Wings of gold from the navy Air terminal in Meridian in 2018, both Michael Jr. And his father declined to be interviewed about the honor (via The Meridian Star).

One exciting tidbit that has actually been revealed around Michael"s marital relationship to Sarah comes from mom Karen. She told CNN, "I learned around being a spouse from mine daughter-in-law. She insists that has actually his duties in the house and also she has actually hers. And also I have tendency to say, "Oh, friend know, the vice chairman is yes, really busy, I"ll perform this because that him," and also — yes, really — it"s better if you don"t."