Date of BirthJanuary 13, 1985
Age36 year old
BirthplaceMilford, Connecticut, US
ProfessionMarketing Manager and Podcaster
Height6 feet
Relationship statusNot revealed yet
Net worth$1 million – $1.5 million. (More details Below)

Mike Majlak’s donation to Logan Paul’s podcast named Impaulsive has actually made the podcast overcome 1 million subscribers in a issue of a month. His questions and interaction through the guests are very interesting and to the point. He acquired a most popularity after his authorized in the show. Now we room going to answer the questions around what he did prior to he was famous. Keep reading!

Mike v Austin McBroom


Mike Majlak to be born top top January 13, 1985. He was born and spent his childhood in Milford, Connecticut, US. As a kid, he was always active and keen on connecting with others. He always made certain that the people approximately him are always smiling. This positive and also outgoing nature has actually been his huge assets in his career.

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that was actively involved in society media promotion working for various companies (More in career section below.) . However, his career-defining minute came once he partnered v world-famous, Logan Paul. He obtained a lot of appreciation and admiration for the success the the podcast, Impaulsive Podcast.

Mike Majlak and Logan Paul


Mike has likewise been open around his drug addiction. He was addicted to oxycontin, cocaine, and many drugs. However, after failing come take care of his grandfather because of this addiction, the turned his life around. Today, not just is he clean however he has likewise been spreading awareness around drugs and his book is devoted to human being who have actually lost their means and given into the addiction.


Father: He has not revealed the identity of his father until now.

Mother: He has actually not revealed the identification of his mom until now.

Sibling: He has actually two sisters named Abby and also Jill.

Mike’s sister

Childhood: over there is very tiny info around his childhood at the moment. However, the was right into acting since a very young age.

Education:  Not lot is known around his earlier education and also where he perfect his high institution education. The only information that we have around his education and learning is the he enrolled in Fordham university but, he dropped out later on on.

Mike Majlak’s CAREER and also AWARDS

Mike Majlak has actually attained a most success in his career solely based upon his personality and also social interaction an abilities without any need of an education degree. He began his job working through the social media promotions named Nice man Promotions The necessary Foodie. in ~ the very same time, he functioned as a writer and also blogger because that The necessary Foodie creating various write-ups related come food, lifestyle, and health. Not only that, he operated as an occasion photographer together a part-time job. Also, he is functioning as a marketing manager and also partnership because that the firm Lovesac. That is the agency which offers couch products.

His career-defining moment came as soon as he met Logan Paul. He and Logan had actually a comparable personality and also shared a comparable vision i m sorry is why they teamed as much as launch their own podcast called Impaulsive Podcast on October 22, 2018. In simply a issue of 1 month, they crossed much more than 1 million subscribers ~ above Youtube. That instantly got a most attention for his figure on the show and also is the an essential member of the display at the moment.

Mike has actually recently published a publication named ‘The fifth Vital’ which includes his own stories around drug addiction and also how he overcame it. The book has been obtained well through the readers.

Mike Majlak net WORTH

Sponsorship: As that has more than 205k followers on his Instagram account, advertisers pay a details amount because that the article they make. Considering his recent 15 posts, the mean engagement rate of pendant on every of his short article is 18.50%. Thus, the mean estimate the the amount he charges because that sponsorship is between $3,448.5 – $5,747.5.

Mike Majlak Instagram earnings per sponsored post

Impaulsive Podcast: As a key member of the Impaulsive Podcast, the earns a lot of money from it given the success and also popularity the display has to be getting.

Lovesac: Currently, the is functioning as the marketing manager because that the company, Lovesac. That is responsible for the marketing the the comfortable couch products they make. However, the details related to how much he makes by including in the firm remains unknown. Regardless, the success the the company earns that a hefty amount of money.

Thus, calculating all of his revenue streams, Mike Majlak’s approximated net precious is anywhere between $1 million – $1.5 million.



Mike’s current relationship took end the web when he confirmed his partnership with Lana Rhoades. The on-again off-again relationship finally concerned an end in February 2021. Both the parties have clarified the they space no much longer together. Lana reportedly damaged up through Mike due to the fact that of his closeness to various other girls and his cheating top top her.

The present relationship standing of Mike is not recognized to the public. On his Instagram page, that poses with numerous models yet he has actually not confirmed his connection with anyone after ~ Lana.

Mike Majlak enjoying hot company


Height6 feet
WeightHowever, the information about his weight continues to be unknown.
Body MeasurementThe details concerning her body measurements remain unknown.

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Body TypeTall, athletic and also muscular


Mike does no have plenty of controversies roughly him. However, there was a scandal on which his currently ex-girlfriend accused him of cheating on her v a model. This scandal led to their brief break up and also the duo acquired together later. However, as result of his closeness with several girls, Lana finally damaged up v him in February 2021. 

Mike additionally had an worry with his co-host, Logan Paul. Mike supposedly badmouthed Logan in among the episodes on Impaulsive over Harry Styles’s selection of clothes. Mike has due to the fact that apologized to Logan and the two space on great terms now.