Michael Douglas and also Catherine Zeta-Jones recently celebrated their 18-year-old daughter Carys" graduation from high school



The Basic Instinct actor, 76, appeared on Wednesday's illustration of Today where he opened up around becoming an empty nester with his mam as your youngest child, Carys, newly graduated from high school.

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"It's scary. It really is," Douglas admitted. "You look at every other and also go, 'Well, it's just you and also me babe.' "

"You forget how plenty of conversations you sort of hide behind in regards to talking about your kids and what's going on next and this and that, and also then at some point you simply look in ~ each other ... We're 20 years now, so every those an excellent years that paying attention to each various other are paying turn off now," the shared.

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Last week, Carys commemorated her scholastic achievement alongside she parents and also brother Dylan Douglas.

The Kominsky method star mutual a sweet family photo in respect of the special milestone, writing, "Congratulations to Carys and also the entire course of 2021! her Mom and also I room so proud that you!"

"We love girlfriend so much and also we space so excited for her future together the finest is yet to come!" the Ant-Man gibbs continued, signing off his caption, "❤️ Dad."

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Zeta-Jones, 51, mutual a similar set of photos, along with the caption, "Carys!!! What a proud day as our daughter Carys graduates with honors for her global Baccalaureate! friend rock and we love you. 👩‍🎓👩‍🎓👩‍🎓."

"Happy 18th birthday Carys Zeta! You room everything, and everything is you," Zeta-Jones created in the caption. "Thank you for the joy you carry me. In ~ 5 am this morning, friend texted me to say thanks to me, for offering birth to you. That's the sort of mrs you are. Kind."

"Your wisdom out numbers your years," the proud mommy continued. "Your beauty beauty is deep and your love is huge enough come love and also envelop the world, your feeling of humor ... Very important ... Is insurmountable. I might go on."

Zeta-Jones cheekily added, "Your Japanese demands some work, however that's doable. Ns love you angel. Mama."

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