The divorce between Mel Gibson and his mam Robyn Moore Gibson is thought to be the best payout in Hollywood history, every People"s report earlier in 2011. The outlet reported that the "Lethal Weapon" star provided his ex-wife Robyn $425 million in their divorce settlement that year. The celebrity pair was married for virtually 30 years and also shares 7 children. The Gibsons didn"t have actually a prenuptial agreement, therefore Robyn was legally entitled to fifty percent of whatever he earned throughout the marriage. In addition, the "Braveheart" star should share his film residual income with his ex-wife. Civilization reported Robyn is licensed has been granted to half of every future residual check Mel receives because that the rest the his life.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mel and Robyn"s marriage ended up being troubled in the 2000s. The celebrity pair separated shortly after Mel"s notorious 2006 arrest for driving under the influence and also anti-Semitic rant that hurt his career. But Robyn walk not document for divorce until 2009 after finding out that Mel"s then-girlfriend Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva to be pregnant, per HuffPost.

When Mel"s romance through Oksana rotate ugly and she accused the gibbs of domestic abuse, Robyn stuck up because that the father of her children. Follow to TMZ, Robyn do a sworn declaration come the court on Mel"s behalf, speak he never ever physically abused her or any type of of their children in every the year they were together. Robyn called the court, "Mel to be a wonderful and also loving father." so what is Mel"s ex-wife doing today? You"ll have to keep reading to find out!

Robyn Moore Gibson, the ex-wife of Mel Gibson, simply bought her 3rd Malibu home. Range reported the Robyn purchase a "clifftop compound" on one of the ideal streets in Malibu"s point Dume peninsula. The ex-wife the the "Braveheart" star has purchased three houses in the Malibu area. Based on real estate purchases alone, it shows up that Robyn is doing well financially. Various other than real-estate news, there is not lot public information around what Robyn is law now.

The previous voice-over artist and dental nurse, born Robyn Denise Moore, doesn"t have to work. As mentioned, Robyn received $425 in her divorce settlement. Mel and also Robyn"s divorce was finalized in December 2011. Also when Robyn was the mam of among the top stars in Hollywood, she continued to be behind the scenes.

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According to The everyday Beast, Robyn to be the actor"s "rock the Gibraltar" and also a "saint." The outlet report that during her 30-year marriage to Mel, Robyn devoted her time to increasing their 7 kids and also "keeping Gibson in line." The everyday Beast noted that Robyn "could treatment less" about Hollywood red carpets and parties. It appears in the year after her an extremely public divorce, Robyn is living a quiet life, and she is very private.