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Born:November 18, 1970 (age 51)ChampaignIllinois...(Show more)Notable Works:“The Megyn Kelly Show”...(Show more)

Megyn Kelly, in complete Megyn Marie Kelly, previous married name Megyn Marie Kendall, (born November 18, 1970, Champaign, Illinois, U.S.), American attorney, journalist, and television personality who was known for she pointed interviews and also commentary ~ above the Fox News Channel.

Early life and also legal career

Kelly was increased in Syracuse and Delmar, new York, the third and youngest boy of an education and learning professor and also his wife. After her father’s fatality in 1985, she mother functioned as a nurse in ~ a Veterans administration hospital in order to support the family. Kelly attended Syracuse University. Having actually been turned under by the university’s college of public communications, she rather studied political science, graduating with a bachelor’s level in 1992. She then enrolled in ~ Albany law School, whereby she edited the regulation review and was a member of the college student senate. The latter experience, which allowed her to offer on a panel the reviewed sex-related harassment allegations against faculty members, initially led her to consider becoming a prosecutor.

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However, adhering to her graduation in 1995, Kelly worked out on corporate law, agree a position at the Chicago legislation firm Bickel & Brewer. She then moved (1997) come the international firm Jones Day, where she represented the credit bureau Experian, among other clients. Though she was most likely to make partner, Kelly began to tires of the grueling hrs demanded through litigation. She take it a class on reporting and completed an internship in ~ Chicago’s NBC News branch. A friend aided her to film a sample reel, and, despite her inexperience, she began approaching television stations trying to find a position as a newscaster. After moving to Baltimore, Maryland, in 2003, she landing a job as a stringer because that the Washington, D.C., abc News affiliate WJLA-TV while quiet practicing law.

Fox News

During her short tenure at WJLA-TV, Kelly especially covered the U.S. Presidential choice of 2004. However, between negotiations because that a full time position in 2004, she was available a job by the Fox News Channel. She had sent a highlight reel come Kim Hume, the Washington office chief for Fox and also the mam of Fox newscaster Brit Hume. The pair was impressed by Kelly’s presence, as was Fox News Channel chairman and CEO i get it Ailes. Kelly began appearing as a legal pundit top top Hume’s show, Special Report through Brit Hume, as well as on bill O’Reilly’s famous program The O’Reilly Factor, and filling in for various other hosts, such as Geraldo Rivera. Together a general correspondent, she winner accolades from some quarters for her 2006 coverage the a scandal at fight it out University, wherein white members that its lacrosse team to be accused of sexual attack by a young black woman hired as a dancer because that a exclusive party. Kelly was initially criticized because that questioning the validity of the allegation but was eventually vindicated when charges versus the males were dropped.

In 2007 Kelly presume cohosting duties top top the morning regime America’s Newsroom through Bill Hemmer. She obtained her own two-hour afternoon news program, America Live, in 2010 and also covered the U.S. Presidential election of 2012 together Bret Baier top top the Fox program America’s choice HQ. Kelly made headlines on election night through her skeptical perspective toward Republican (GOP) political operative knife Rove as soon as he asserted that his projections proved Republican candidate Mitt Romney winning in Ohio. Kelly, in a preplanned segment, proceeded to an offstage room where analysts reasserted their contention that Barack Obama had actually won; Obama was later on officially asserted the winner of Ohio. The screen piqued the attention of part pundits, that were startled by what they viewed as a deviation indigenous Fox’s conservative pro-Republican agenda.

In 2013 Kelly began hosting her very own live evening news show, The Kelly File, i m sorry she maintained was a straight news analysis show fairly than an editorial one like much of Fox’s programming. Observers across the politics spectrum lauded her inquisitorial format of interviewing and her command the the platform. However, awareness of her political allegiances to be divided. Though she diverged from the conservative agenda in expressing her assistance of happy rights and her contention that the administration of U.S. Pres. George W. Shrub had erred in invading Iraq, she echoed Republican sentiments in her relentless critiques that the Obama management and she adversarial stance toward social protest campaigns intended to resolve racial inequality. Kelly herself established as an independent.

Kelly went back as cohost the Fox’s coverage of the U.S. Presidential choice for 2016. She moderated Republican presidential arguments in 2015 and also 2016. During the respectable 2015 GOP debate, her questioning that candidate Donald Trump end his history of perceived misogynistic statements to be a specifying moment in the campaign. In 2016 Ailes resigned ~ a variety of Fox News employees—including Kelly—claimed that he had sexually harassed them. She wrote about the allegations in the memoir Settle because that More (2016), in i m sorry she additionally discussed Trump.


Megyn Kelly (centre) through fellow debate moderators chris Wallace (left) and also Bret Baier during the Republican presidential controversy in Des Moines, Iowa, January 28, 2016.

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Richard Pallardy


In January 2017 Kelly left Fox News to join NBC News, and also the magazine present Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly debuted in June. Due to the fact that of short ratings, however, the summer run of the program finished after eight episodes. In September the daytime weekday show Megyn Kelly TODAY premiered. It obtained largely negative reviews, and in October 2018 Kelly do headlines when, throughout a discussion of Halloween costumes, she seemingly defended blackface. The comments complied with other racially fee statements make by Kelly; in 2013 she had declared that Santa Claus was white. Return she apologized, Megyn Kelly TODAY to be canceled, and also in beforehand 2019 she officially left NBC. Later on that year she released the podcast The Megyn Kelly Show.