The "All around That Bass" singer and her husband, Daryl Sabara, welcomed their first child in February.

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Meghan Trainor, who welcomed her son, Riley, in February, through husband Daryl Sabara, is opened up for the very first time about her small boy"s scary birth.

“It was among those horror stories whereby he no cry,” Trainor told now Parents. “He didn’t make noise as soon as he came out. I was like, ‘Why no he crying?’ then they told me that was having breathing issues. It to be terrifying.”

Riley, that was breechand born through C-section, was quickly rushed come the neonatal intensive care unit, wherein he forced a feeding tube.

“I got to view him for one second before they take it him away. That was probably the worst part,” Trainor, 27, revealed. “It was definitely a unstable start. However we’re so happy we acquired to bring him residence after five days.”, 3-month-old Riley is healthy and also thriving.

"I’m biased, however he’s the smiliest, happiest baby," Trainor gushed.

Trainor is likewise feeling good. The Grammy-winning "All about That Bass" singer, who opened up up about her anxiety and depression on this day in 2018, claimed that she stayed on a short dose of her antidepressant throughout her pregnancy.

“I made certain it was safe and talked to my doctors,” Trainor shared. “They called me, ‘If she happy, then your body will be happy and also then your baby will happy.’ i haven’t had any kind of postpartum depression or anything. I think the medicine certainly helped.”

Trainor additionally credits therapy, she “amazing” family and also exercise for maintaining her mental wellness in examine as she navigates motherhood.

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Trainor opened up up to this particular day while promoting her partnership through Mars Wrigley, which just released two ranges of M&M’s mix based upon social media feedback. The standard Mix contains milk chocolate, peanut and peanut butter, if the Peanut Mix is made up of dark, milk and also white cacao peanut M&M’s.

Trainor calls the sweet brand-new innovation "amazing."

“I love the peanut ones,” Trainor said. “I’m really weird. I’ll shot to eat the peanut an initial and climate the covering at the end.”


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