Trainor to be due Valentine"s Day, yet shared ~ above Instagram that tiny boy Riley come a few days early

It"s all around that bass baby.

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Meghan Trainor is officially a mom. The singer has provided birth to her an initial child, a infant boy named Riley, through her husband of 2 years, Daryl Sabara.

"This sweet baby boy"s due date was today on Valentine"s Day. We got to meet him Monday, Feb 8th!" Trainor created on Instagram ~ above Sunday, together photos of the couple"s son. "We are SO IN LOVE . Give thanks to you
darylsabara because that the best Valentine"s gift ever! Welcome come the people Riley!"

In one pic, infant Riley sleeps peacefully while zipped up in a SNOO smart Sleeper bassinet. That is also shown close up, peering in ~ the camera. An additional pic reflects Trainor conference the couple"s child for the an initial time and another photo shows Sabara feeding Riley a bottle.

meghan_trainor you space my forever Valentine and also I"m so beyond grateful for you bringing our son into the world ."

In October, Trainor, 27, flood the news the she was expecting top top Instagram.


"You all know exactly how long I"ve wanted this!!!!" Sabara, the actor ideal known because that "Spy Kids," told her at the time, "I love girlfriend
meghan_trainor and also I can"t wait to start a family with you."

Meghan Trainor and also Daryl Sabara: romantic Rewind

Trainor revealed the sex that her infant on Kelly Clarkson"s display later the month.

"We"ve never ever told anyone... I conserved it because that you Kelly, i love you," she said before sharing the she was having a tiny boy.

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The "Dear Future Husband" singer had a rather daunting pregnancy. She announced on Dec. 2 that the parents encountered a "little tiny bang in the road" as soon as she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which can cause high blood street that deserve to be regulated with healthy and balanced food and fitness.

Trainor called TODAY, "It"s manageable and also it"s OK. And I"m healthy and the baby"s healthy." She felt that it to be "nice to learn so much about food and health" during her maternity journey.

A week later, the Best new Artist Grammy winner gave fans a health and wellness update, saying, "I basically simply watch what ns eat now, ns write everything down, I check my blood and also we"re good now... I"ve to be crushing it."

She additionally admitted on now that the vacation season was especially hard since of COVID-19.

"It"s absolutely harder v quarantine come be creative at home and then, due to the fact that we"re pregnant, us don"t drink, we don"t party, us don"t celebrate," the brand-new mom explained. "And therefore our next thought was like, "OK food, like, let"s walk in," but now through the gestational diabetes, we have to be like, "let"s counting every carbohydrate that us eat." in ~ this point, ns don"t understand what we have the right to do to celebrate."

Through it all, her one major fear to be not having her mom Kelli Trainor in the distribution room because of pandemic protocols.

"I"m fear of bear and, like, not being maybe to have actually my mommy in the room," the musician stated in a current radio interview. ""Cause, like, they can barely let her husband in the room, however I"m like, "But I need my momma.""

But she made some optimistic memories throughout her pregnancy, too. For her and also Sabara"s 2nd wedding anniversary in December, the couple shared some new baby bang pics on society media. As the singer composed to she love, "Thank you for offering me the ideal gift ever."