When girlfriend think about MTV's Catfish, the surname that involves mind is frequently Nev Schulman, the show's longtime host and one of the creators of the renowned series. Yet Nev isn't the only hold on the show. Civilization who have actually watched the present from the beginning likely remember the surname Max Joseph. Max offered to be the co-host that Catfish and was also the series' co-developer. After Season 7, however, Max disappeared from the show. So, what occurred to him?

In respectable 2018, Max make the decision to leave Catfish. The then-35-year-old mutual an main statement explaining his departure. "Hey guys, the time has come, sadly, for me to relocate on indigenous Catfish. Working on this present for the last 7 years has been one of the most systematic experiences of my life. I’ve learned a lot about myself, my country, and also human nature in general. Nev and I have end up being brothers and our bromance has actually blossomed before your eyes," that said.

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“For a while now, I have actually been straddling 2 careers together TV host and also filmmaker and, if this level the busy-ness is a dream come true, mine life can no much longer sustain it. V Catfish tho going strong after seven seasons, 115 episodes, 31 specials, and showing no sign of slowing down, i feel it is lastly the time because that me to do my exit."


Max's last illustration aired on respectable 22, 2018. That has due to the fact that been replaced by new host Kamie Crawford. Together Max stated in his statement, he to be getting fairly busy. In 2015, that wrote and also directed his first feature film, We space Your Friends, starring Wes Bentley and also Zac Efron. Unfortunately for him, the movie was a substantial box office flop. Still, the left Catfish v a desire to proceed his work.

Max had actually directed a number of documentary short films and also one full-length documentary ~ above DFA, the iconic NYC record label the targeted indie kids, before he left the show. These days, he's liven working v his wife, Priscilla, on her accessory company called MAXCILA.

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He hasn't completely given up on filmmaking, however. In 2017, he produced a documentary quick called Dicks: carry out You have to Be One to it is in a effective Leader? The short was the an initial in his "Charismatic Thinker" video essay series, which likewise includes videos top top bookstores and also signs (so far). In late 2019, Max had another exciting announcement about a new filmmaking project:

Psyched to finally announce this job I’ve been occurring with the brilliant and inspiring Monica Lewinsky around public shaming and also the society of humiliation that appears to have consumed ours world. Will certainly be coming the end on

Max started emerging a documentary, dubbed 15 minutes of Shame, in addition to Monica Lewinsky. It to be originally set to be released sometime in 2020 ... But then 2020 happened. As of ideal now, the doc is still noted as being in breakthrough on IMDb, and also it doesn't look as though one of two people Max or Monica has provided an upgrade on the in a while.