The youngsters from The Brady Bunch have actually come a long method since your time ~ above the show. Plenty of of castle have ongoing to occupational in TV when others have actually gone on to pursue various other ventures. Maureen McCormick, who played Marcia top top the show, has gone on come reprise the function in a bunch of Brady Bunch spinoffs and also have a career exterior of that classic role. 

In addition, Maureen has appeared in other roles favor Wendy in a stage manufacturing of Peter Pan, released a country album, and is one author.

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Now, she's hosting HGTV's house makeover display Frozen in Time.

But a lot has additionally gone on in Maureen's an individual life. She's end up being a meme. But honestly, how can she not? the "Sure, Jan" gif is legendary and also works for virtually any occasion. 

Aside native that, Maureen has gained married and also raised a daughter. Is she quiet married or has she dubbed it quits? 

Yes! earlier in 1985, she married Michael Cummings. In her autobiography, Here's the Story: enduring Marcia Brady and Finding my True Voice, she wrote that as shortly as she met him in ~ a concert, she knew she had met her husband. 

"I rotate around and saw this male behind me," Maureen said. "I’d never seen that before. He had dark hair, a good build, and chiseled features. I looked straight into his eyes and thought, ‘This is the man I’m going to marry.'"


From there, things moved pretty quickly, however it settled for the best. Maureen states that she went out of her means to obtain to know and spend time with Michael. They invested time in ~ church together and eventually had their very first date. Then, simply one month after ~ that, they acquired engaged. 

In she book, Maureen stated that among the factors their marriage has bested the check of time is because of their faith. In she book, she wrote, "The two of united state had confidence that ours love, despite all of our problems, was real, strong, durable, and worth sticking roughly for. Our belief made us believe our love to be real."

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Maureen and Michael have a daughter together called Natalie Michelle Cummings. Even though her mom is a famous actress, Natalie appears to be living a quiet life. A variety of sources say that rather of a life in the spotlight, Natalie chose to walk into organization for herself.

She supposedly runs some type of yoga business. Although because of the COVID-19 pandemic, she may have had actually to change careers or adapt her business. The Twitter account that looks come be associated to Natalie's service hasn't to be updated because early 2020.