Mary-Kate Olsen was one of the Olsen pair who ended up being child stars top top the sitcom "Full House." The twins are recognized for structure a media and also fashion empire worth billions.

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Who Is Mary-Kate Olsen?

Mary-Kate Olsen and her pair sister, Ashley, made their acting debut at nine months old on the alphabet sitcom Full House. By period 12, Olsen twins assets were estimated to create $1 billion in sleeve sales per year. Mary-Kate checked herself into rehabilitation for anorexia in 2004. The production agency owned by the pair is called Dualstar.

Early Life

Olsen to be born ~ above June 13, 1986, in Sherman Oaks, California. The daughter that mortgage banker David Olsen and also manager Jarnie Olsen, Olsen and her twin sister, Ashley, became two that the most renowned — and also bankable — female individualities in America. They made your acting debut in 1987 at ripe months old, sharing the role of the youngest daughter, Michelle Tanner, on the ABC family sitcom Full House. The collection ran because that eight years, throughout which the Olsen twins' careers take it off.

TV, Movie and also Music Success

By the age of 12, the girls had starred in home videos, attribute films, multi-media entertainment and another abc TV series, Two that a Kind. Under the surname Dualstar Entertainment, they created several straight-to-video movies, a heat of music detective videos entitled The Adventures that Mary-Kate & Ashley, and also the hugely effective You're invited to Mary-Kate and also Ashley's party tapes. 

They also introduced a series of companion publications to companion the videos. In 1993, Our first Video checked out the top of the Billboard video clip music chart, and also was complied with shortly by I am The Cute One and also Brother for Sale. The twins made their big screen debut in 1995 in It take away Two.

In enhancement to acting, the Olsens have end up being a huge force in girl marketing. Commodities bearing your names, including computer games, dolls, and also an great popular clothes line because that Wal-Mart, are estimated to generate around $1 billion in sleeve sales alone every year.

NYU and Entering Rehab

The Olsen pair announced their plans come attend new York college in the autumn of 2004. Soon after the news, Olsen checked herself into a rehabilitation facility for the eating disorder, anorexia. In the wake up of rumors around Olsen's health, the twins released their next function film, New York Minute.

In 2005, Olsen and her sister purchase the decimal shares of Dualstar, acquisition full manage of the company. Throughout this time, Olsen additionally ended her relationship with Greek shipping succession Stavros Niarchos III. The break-up, combined with the transforms at Dualstar, led Olsen to quit school and return come California to focus on service ventures through her company.



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Carolina Herrera


Foray right into Fashion

The next year, the sister began appearing together in the Badgley Mischka advertisement campaign. They additionally made their foray into the human being of deluxe fashion by launching a heat of your own dubbed The row in 2006. In 2007, castle announced another line of contemporary clothing, Elizabeth and James, which is called after their sister and also brother. They are likewise known because that their more affordable present StyleMint and also Olsenboye.

In 2012 the Olsen Twins winner the peak prize in ~ the CFDA (Council the Fashion designers of America) Fashion Awards, and three years later they common the Womenswear Designer the the Year for The Row.

Other Projects

In October the that same year, the pair released the book Influence, a work introducing readers to the artists and designers who have influenced the Olsens end the last decade. Released with a division of the Penguin Young readers Group, the work features figures such together Christian Louboutin, Lauren Hutton and Bob Colacello. It came to be an instant finest seller, and the twins introduced a promotional tour for the book.

Olsen went back to acting, landing constant appearances ~ above the HBO tv drama Weeds throughout 2007, a cameo ~ above the show Samantha Who? and a co-starring function in the film The Wackness (2008). Top top the big screen, Olsen had one of the leads of the 2011 fantasy drama Beastly

Personal Life

In January of 2008, Olsen made headlines when her near friend, actor Heath Ledger, died of a prescription drug overdose. Olsen was quiet on the matter, however sources speak Ledger's staff contacted Mary-Kate v a speed-dial duty on Ledger's cabinet phone. Olsen then referred to as her security staff in brand-new York to investigate the matter. Ledger was pronounced dead later on that day.

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Olsen began dating French banker Olivier Sarkozy, the half brother of previous French president Nicholas Sarkozy, in 2012. The couple became involved in 2014 and tied the node the adhering to November. The consciousness was hosted in brand-new York City. Sarkozy has actually two kids from a previous marriage. Olsen filed because that divorce from Sarkozy in may 2020.

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