Mary Davis (Randy Travis Wife) Bio, Age, Height, Husband, net Worth

Mary Davis (Randy Travis Wife, mary Beougher) is renowned as Randy Travis mam whom that married back in the year 2015 after ~ she divorced v her an initial husband Dr Ritchie Beougher Dallas cosmetic dentist.

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Mary Davis Bio

Mary Travis is an American media personality. She is well known for being the mam of the American gospel music singer, nation music, guitarist, actor, and also songwriter Randy Travis. Previously, mary (Mary Beougher), was married come Dr. Ritchie Beougher Dallas who is a cosmetics dentist.

Mary Davis Husband illness (2013)

On July 7, 2013, Mary’s husband to be admitted come a Dallas area hospital after having actually viral cardiomyopathy after ~ a viral top respiratory infection. His problem was vital as every the doctor’s observation. Three days later, Travis endured a enormous stroke after ~ which that underwent surgical procedure to relieve push on his brain.

On July 15, the exact same year, (2013), it to be reported that Travis had woken up and was alert after ~ undergoing brain surgery, and that his heart was pumping without the assistance of machines, and also that he to be on the roadway to recovery. Travis to be then discharged indigenous Baylor heart Hospital in Plano, Texas on July 31, 2013, and joined a physical therapy facility.

Following his stroke, and despite therapy, Travis was no able to song or even speak and also had to rely on a cane to walk for an ext than a year. By November the adhering to year (2014), Travis was slowly recovering and could walk short distances without any assistance and was additionally relearning just how to write and also play the guitar, according to his then-fiancée mar Davis.

In the year 2016, it was reported that he had actually recovered his voice ~ a duration of three years that rehabilitation including therapy, and also could execute again. He attended his induction into the country Music room of call on October 16, 2016, performing a rendition of “Amazing Grace.”

Mary Davis

Notably, in 2017, Travis had actually suffered long-term damage, i m sorry disabled his appropriate hand leaving that with additionally a limited speech and also singing ability. Travis continues to make public appearances yet no much longer sings, mainly since of apprehension concerning his capacity to execute it as well as he used to.

Davi’s husband showed up on-stage in addition to Michael Ray during a cover performance of “Forever and Ever Amen” in June 2017, come which he added the final saying Amen. Travis did the same during his 60th date of birth party, thrown by the grand Ole Opry on might 4, the year 2019.

The Lawsuit

Mary and her husband Travis sued her ex-husband Ritchie Beougher for beginning a hit in a Prestonwood Baptist church. The was claimed that Travis stepped in to conserve Davis’ daughter from gift accosted by she father Ritchie and also uncle, Ritchie’s brother. Travis pleads no guilty come assaulting Ritchie in ~ the church since he to be defending Davis’ daughter.

She worked as the office manager of her ex-husband at the willow Bend dentist office.

Mary Davis Age

Davi’s personal life is private and out that the limelight. However, there room no recognized records revealing the date, month, or the year she was born. This information will be updated as soon as it is available.

Mary Davis Height

Beougher’s yes, really height has not yet been revealed. However, this details will be updated soon.

Mary Davis net Worth

Mary Davis Husband

Travis that is Davis’s husband was previously married to Lib Hatcher who she divorced on October 29, 2010, after having been together for 19 years in marriage. The couple’s company relationship finished thereafter. Randy then married mar Davis on in march 21, 2015. The duo had actually been engaged for a period of two years before his hospitalization in 2013, adhering to stroke.

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Mary Davis Children 

Davis and her ex-husband Ritchie were blessed through two children; a daughter called Cavenaugh and also a son called Raleigh Beougher. There have actually been no reported issues in between Travis and also the kids.