Martha Stewart"s daughter isn"t also well-known, as Martha has actually probably accrued fame most for her tasty recipes and also super successful way of living brand — no for gift a mother. She daughter"s name is Alexis Stewart, and she is Martha"s just child, who she had actually with her ex-husband, Andrew. And also while her life can not be making tabloid headlines, Alexis isn"t precisely unknown in the world. She is a previous television hold of the present Whatever with Alexis and also Jennifer, and also she was the co-host the Whatever through Alexis and also Jennifer ~ above Sirius Satellite Radio. She additionally once co-wrote a book.

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Surprisingly, Alexis has made quite the career out of making funny of her renowned mother — both her television show and also her radio present relied pretty greatly on Alexis and her co-host poking funny at most of the points Martha has actually done in her professional and also private life. Makes sense offered Alexis" very blunt, moral personality, however she"s not the very same woman she always was. Due to the fact that she do a name for herself in present business, a lot around her life has changed significantly. Here"s a look at what Alexis is choose today.

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In 1997, Martha Stewart"s daughter, Alexis Stewart, married lawyer John Robert Cuti. According to abc News, Cuti offered as a psychological lawyer in Alexis" mother"s well known legal case regarding stock trading. But the pair"s connection wouldn"t last. The 2 were supposedly separated prior to Martha to be indicted in June 2003, however they didn"t acquire divorced until 2004, as soon as the trial was over. In one interview top top Larry King Live, Alexis said it wasn"t awkward because that her and Cuti to it is in separated throughout the trial since they are "great friends." She added, "He"s a wonderful person and also a good lawyer, and also it was lovely to have someone there that from the start you knew you could trust and would tell friend the truth, and also you didn"t come worry." 

Alexis has additionally admitted to date someone else prior to she to be legally divorced from Cuti. In the very same interview on Larry King Live, she shown she was date someone and had been because her mother"s trial, although she wouldn"t say that it was.

In 2005, Martha Stewart had her own version the Donald Trump"s show The Apprentice — it had actually the very same concept, simply with Martha"s brand and also voice. Although the show, aptly titled The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, didn"t last very long (only one season), Martha did regulate to gain her daughter to take part in it prior to it ended. People reported the Martha Stewart"s daughter, Alexis Stewart, and Charles Koppelman (Martha"s chairman of the board), would be involvement Martha in the "conference room." Martha called them a "dynamic duo," saying that "no one to know me much better than Alexis." 

Alexis herself was happy to be on board, saying in a statement the she feel honored come be part of the show. She also described herself together Martha"s "original Apprentice," saying, "Having contributed to nearly every aspect of her business empire, i know very first hand what it will take for among these sixteen candidates to win the competition and also I"m not afraid to contact them out in the conference room."

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In 2007, a 42-year-old Alexis Stewart, then single, opened about her struggles with fertility treatments during an interview with Oprah Winfrey. She defined that, at approximately 36 years old, she chose that she really want a baby. But, explicate that point in she life, she said, "It wasn"t a great time." She said Winfrey the she started seeing fertility medical professionals two years later and tried treatments for a year, because, as she said, acquiring pregnant in ~ her age was hard, noting that her eggs were "dry and also crusty." 

Martha Stewart"s daughter was honest around the treatments. She explained the numerous medications she take it every month and also talked around how regularly she had actually to see doctors to acquire ultrasounds done. She likewise said she had three egg implantations, but none of lock worked. At the time, she revealed the she felt choose she was "sort of ago to square one." To acquire through every one of the emotions the come v fertility treatments, Alexis explained that she tries to treat the measures like a job, saying, "If I acquire too emotional about it, I"ll be unhappy all the time or freaked out all the time," adding, "So ns look in ~ it as type of a chore. ... Not about having a baby, yet what I have to go through to get there."

Talking about her fertility struggles definitely wasn"t the only time Martha Stewart"s daughter, Alexis Stewart, allow herself become vulnerable in a public interview. During a 2008 New York Magazine profile, she debated her use of antidepressants. According to the publication, she to be told she was chronically depressed in her youth, and, in order to combat the depression, she started taking medication because that it — special, 25 milligrams the Zoloft 2 times a day. At the moment of the interview, Alexis said she was still taking antidepressants, noting, "Now it"s one <50 milligram> pill when a day. And that"s almost nothing."

When asked about her daughter"s depression, Martha called New York Magazine the Alexis was always "striving because that perfection" and also claimed the that was the reason Alexis saw therapy. She additionally shared that there was no history of depression on she side the the family. As might be surmised from she comments on the matter, Martha go not show up to think very of therapy, at least not for her family, despite she walk send her daughter to a therapist when she to be young. Alexis has reportedly shown as much, admitting the her mom disapproved of she going come therapy.

At this point, it probably wouldn"t be surprising to find out that Martha Stewart"s daughter, Alexis Stewart, was an extremely open and also honest about her life on she Sirius satellite radio show, Whatever with Alexis and also Jennifer. She New York Magazine profile pointed out that, because that the two and a half years the show had to be on air, she had actually talked about pretty much whatever she had been through in life in ~ the time: plastic surgery, Botox injections, fertility treatments, to organize habits, some of her sex-related fantasies, one abortion she had in the past, and also even her testing with lesbianism. Clearly, she"s prefers to live life favor an open up book.

Alexis also used the display as an opportunity to voice she opinions top top pretty lot everything, from renowned celebrities to places to eat and also her favourite music. She even spent part on-air time saying with at least one guest until Sirius quit sending world to appear on the show. It"s apparently just the means Alexis is. In any type of interview she go or illustration she makes, she"s unflinchingly ethical — no matter the subject. 

For lot of her life that seems, Martha Stewart"s daughter, Alexis Stewart, did not have a great relationship through her mom. A resource close come the duo called New York Magazine that Martha and also Alexis have actually a "complicated" relationship, saying that, while castle both have actually a most love because that each other, "they push each other"s buttons." When request if Martha detailed her with contact comfort, such as a hug, once she to be a child, Alexis answered, "I think not," though she claimed that she wasn"t into hugging anyway. She added, "Martha"s scary," and also she described that she constantly behaved well because she to be constantly fear of obtaining scolded.

But also though Alexis and also Martha might not always get along, New York Magazine"s resource said that "if anyone states a poor word around Martha, also if she"s in a period of not loving her, Alexis is prefer a mama cat with her baby," noting, "She"s deeply protective of her mother"s legacy." 

If Alexis Stewart"s connection with her mother sounds strained, it"s nothing compared to the relationship she"s had actually with dad Andy Stewart, Martha"s ex-husband. At the moment of 2008"s New York Magazine profile top top Martha Stewart"s daughter, Alexis and also Andy hadn"t talked in over twenty years — not since 1988. Andy self admitted come the outlet that both he and Martha to be "completely immersed in various other things" as soon as Alexis to be born, saying that neither the them had a most time for your daughter. He claimed something similar in one interview with People, stating, "I think we did a poor job as parents." 

He likewise said that not talking come his daughter to be "a source of incredible pain" because that him, saying, "I think of her every solitary day, plenty of times." Alexis, however, doesn"t it seems ~ to feeling the same means about her father. "He to be a d*** in plenty of ways," she told New York Magazine. "Monetarily. Emotionally. And also he to be creepy to me. He"s just creepy." Andy called the outlet the he doesn"t totally understand why Alexis wouldn"t speak to him anymore, despite he presume it needs to do v him having actually left she mother.

In 2011, Alexis Stewart and her radio and television show co-host, Jennifer Koppelman Hutt, composed a book called Whateverland: discovering to Live Here. Although the entire publication wasn"t about Martha Stewart"s daughter, she did invest a kind chunk of that writing around her household — especially her mother. Together reported by ABC News, Alexis wrote, "If ns didn"t carry out something perfectly, I had to perform it again," adding, "I flourished up through a adhesive gun pointed in ~ my head." She opened up up around how Martha wasn"t always really motherly, and didn"t do holidays particularly enjoyable. Follow to Alexis, she didn"t permit her come wear a costume ~ above Halloween and also wouldn"t take her trick-or-treating. Alexis included that Martha also handed she gifts before Christmas, telling her to wrap lock herself there is no looking within the boxes. Sounds choose Martha"s not quite as festive as we"ve been led to believe!

Weirdly enough, despite Martha"s picture as a agree in the kitchen, Alexis likewise complained about food in ~ home. In her publication with Hutt, she wrote, "There was never ever anything to eat at my house. Other world had food. I had no food. ... There to be ingredients however no prepared food of any type of kind." Apparently, there to be a sharp difference in between the Martha Stewart the public knew and also the one Alexis prospered up with. 

For years, Alexis Stewart and Jennifer Koppelman Hutt invested a many time together: castle co-hosted your SiriusXM radio show and also their tv show, and they even wrote a book together. Although it to be clear come viewers the the 2 were very different people, it additionally seemed favor they were good friends. But in 2011, around the time the their publication came out, it was revealed the the 2 had ended their friendship. 

Awkwardly enough, they quiet did push together for your book, fostering their common work also though there was clearly tension between them. It to be especially obvious in one interview top top the Today show, as soon as the 2 addressed the fact that they were no longer friends. They didn"t walk into information on what happened during their interview, instead just insisting that they had actually spent a most time together and also were really different people. Castle even corresponded their friendship to a marital relationship ... Apparently, a fail one. "Not all marriages last forever," Hutt said once asked about her and Alexis" fall out. Once asked if they would ever be girlfriend again, Hutt stated that she knew the if Martha Stewart"s daughter "doesn"t desire to be connected in the connection anymore, climate that"s how it is. And also that"s okay." 

As The brand-new York Times had pointed out in 2004, a lot of of world felt the Martha Stewart"s daughter to be the "natural choice" to replace her as the leader of Martha Stewart living Omnimedia. After all, it would make sense provided that Alexis Stewart is Martha"s only child and seemed come be someone Martha trusted and counted on. But even after ~ Martha resigned as chief an imaginative officer the the company, Alexis made it clear the she had actually no interest in stepping into her mother"s shoes. 

In 2004, once asked if she had plans to take over Martha"s role one job in one interview on Larry King Live, Alexis said, "I"m not so goal-oriented. I"m an ext interested in environmental form issues." She described that, if she"s proud to have actually Martha as her mother, they have an extremely "different personalities." from what Alexis said, it seemed favor she may not have really recognized what direction in i m sorry she want her life come head — but she did know she didn"t desire to simply follow she mother"s path.

In 2011, virtually four years after her interview with Oprah Winfrey about undergoing fertility treatments, Martha Stewart"s daughter lastly had her an initial child. After ~ spending as much as $27,000 every month because that in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures, no to mention the thousands she dished the end for various other medications, Alexis Stewart welcomed her daughter, Jude, right into the world via a gestational surrogate on march 8, as reported by People. Understandably, Alexis said that she mainly refused to enable herself to it is in "excited" about the pregnancy, provided as exactly how her surrogates has miscarried a complete of 4 times prior to she had her daughter. Fortunately, everything settled for infant Jude. "Getting Jude was lucky," Alexis revealed to People after Jude"s birth. "I"m happy, yet this has been rough."

As a single mother, Alexis didn"t seem pertained to that her daughter didn"t have actually a father present in she life, saying, " can have a father like mine, or she might have one that"s no there. What"s the difference?" She also joked about Martha being approximately Jude too much. "It"s so annoying," Alexis stated, "she won"t leave!"

Martha quickly had one more grandchild to invest time v in 2012, when Alexis had a 2nd child born via surrogate on march 6, a son named Truman.

Although it"s nice clear the Martha Stewart and also her daughter didn"t have actually a super close relationship cultivation up, that seems favor things room a lot far better now in between them. Martha regularly articles photos the Alexis and her children on her Instagram account, and also the 2 seem come be an extremely protective that one another. In one interview with People, your close friend, Manhattan immunologist Dr. Sam Waksal, explained, "It"s challenging being Martha Stewart"s daughter, and also Alexis is an extremely private." He continued, "If one doesn"t know her, one thinks she"s arrogant or petulant. But they"re important close, and also Alexis hates it when civilization criticize Martha." 

In fact, Martha also said she discovered Alexis" book, Whateverland: discovering to Live Here, "hilarious," calling the "enlightening" and also "full that funny stories." She added, "I must have actually instilled in she some great habits. She"s tall, beautiful, gorgeous and mother of infant Jude, and also that"s all the counts." Martha and Alexis are obviously able come poke fun at each other and also their relationship, as ABC News listed that Alexis even committed her book to she mother. "Thanks in development to my mommy for not gaining angry about anything created in this book," Alexis apparently wrote in the dedication.

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Since having actually her children, Martha Stewart"s daughter, Alexis Stewart, has actually pretty much stayed out of the spotlight. She is no longer a television or radio talk display host, and she seems pretty committed to family members life. Yet in February 2019, Architectural Digest provided that Alexis had put her West village triplex apartment on the industry for about $53 million. According to the publication, the Manhattan residence is made up of 4 separate apartments with six bedrooms, six and a fifty percent bathrooms, and also 600 square feet that "outdoor terrace space."

The home is giant, by new York City standards, and also gorgeously placed together. So, why market it? Listing certified dealer Richard Ziegelasch of Brown Harris Stevens called the Wall Street Journal the Stewart wanted much more space exterior for she kids, Jude and Truman, saying, "They"ll more than likely look because that something else in the village with a yard." It definitely makes sense that she would desire something a little more kid-friendly.